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D eye Y Smelted Assault Scouts

Over at Delta's D&D Hotspot was posted a mini tutorial on home made assault scout minis.

The whole process is not actually covered but cool to see 4 new assault scouts enter the world.

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Web based Character sheets

I've seen a few web based character sheets around the net and of varying utility, discovering this one got me wondering if FE should get involved in this effort.


Of course the problem these days is what rules do you use? AD, Zebs, or one of the fan adaptions?

There is a SF character sheet at Mad Irishman (not surprising):

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Recent picture on DA got me thinking: Self Propelled Autonomous Rail Gun


as a setting objective/nemesis

Potential PC interactions:

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Over Thinking a Conversion

Tom got me working on a conversion for Stars Without Number to STar Frotntiers. Its a retro clone of the old B/X D&D rules crafted for a science fiction setting. Rather elegant set of rules I must say. That's a strong compliment becuase I've been extremely frustrated with D20 systems since returning to D&D 5 years ago.

At anyrate I was totally over thinking the conversion and mucking it up and making it less elegant. Time to step back, breathe deep and chop my work down to size.

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My reacuring brushes with poetry

I've enjoyed poetry throughout my life. First in school when a smart English teacher introduced us to some morbid and martial poetry to days of partying and drinking hard at age 20 when I wrote some to periods in my life when I seek some out and enjoy it. Looking back it seems to me that its a 5-10 itch; about every 5-10 years I get a poetry itch that must be scratched. I dont know why and I cant explain it. It just happens.

Most recently I encountered this exert from Philis Wheatley's On Imagination

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Robotipocalys Now

First Big Dog, now Petman robots. DoD spending in the area of robotics is making this a brave new world.

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Frontier Fashion

Issue 4 will have a short article on cultural perspectives: Morgaine's World. The purpose of the article was to examine the founding and development of that world with a view to helping players use it as a distinct player character background.


The founding as a agricultural colony to renaming in Admiral Morgaine's honor to the impact of corporate development of its economy and the presence of the STar Law and Space Fleet academies here are examined.

Material culture was developed and some details on the typical clothing styles as well as "the" planetary sport.

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Saurians making a come back

Issue 4 is nearing completion and we've revisited the Saurians from Dragon Magazine 103 (the date it was published escapes me at this minute but it was the Fall of '85 or '86). We've laid some ground work for referees looking to do a first contact scenario based on the suggestions in the Subspace Radio article and developed a sector and planetary brief to give the saurians a concrete place to be from instead of being refugees left in limbo on ark ships orbiting Theseus.

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Happy Easter

Its an hour before sun up on Easter morning and my house is preparing to attend a sunrise service. Just wanted to wish the other staff at the Frontier Explorer a Happy Easter. I'm pretty sure that I'm aware of everyone's religious sensibilities so that this is appropriate- its sometimes tough to get to know someone through only the internet but it has been a pleasure to work with everyone.

Tom V/ jedion357

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Hurray! I just went commercial with my art!

Just sold one piece and have another on reserve.



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