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The Frontier Explorer would like to say thank you and give a shout out to all of our great Supporters


The following people are currently supporting the publication of the Frontier Explorer and Star Frontiersman through our Patreon campagin.  If you'd like to see your name listed here, consider becoming a patron.

Station Master Level

  • John Blaylock
  • Fred Kauber

Ship Captain Level

  • Kennith Farmer
  • Richard Farris

Space Ranger Level

  • Scott Holliday

Explorer Level

  • Shane Winter
  • Tom
  • Wade Wilson
  • MM
  • Dirk Wendt
  • Andrew Moore

Scout Level

  • Tevel Drinkwater
  • DW
  • Dan Harlan
  • Marcus Bone
  • Bryan Gough

Frontiersman Level

  • Jimmy Cunningham
  • Murry Towle
  • Jason Vines
  • Justin Pfeil
  • James Dyer
  • Benjamin Terry
  • Joe Johnson

Former Patrons

  • Kenneth Reising
  • Joe Johnson
  • Miska Fredman
  • Akerraren
  • Ivan Begley
  • Erik
  • David Kester
  • Mox SanJuan

One-Time Donors

Also a great thank you to those who have donated directly before (or after) the launch of the Patreon campaign.  These wonderful people are:

  • Jeremy Boucher
  • Kevin Wong
  • Mark Ney
  • Keane Peterson
  • Marvin Diem
  • Bradley Weber
  • Gideon Marcus
  • Alexander Biehl