Robotipocalys Now

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First Big Dog, now Petman robots. DoD spending in the area of robotics is making this a brave new world.

I wouldn't go so far as to predict a Terminator style "sky net" that wipes out the human race. I would predict something much scarier and on a smaller scale: robotic minions in the hands of free moral agents (human beings) but lacking a moral center. Ultimately robotic minions will not question the morality of their actions and they will just perform them. What is truly scary is the capacity of man's inhumanity to man and having minions do you bidding and you do not even have to be present and witness the carnage will make it easier for these tools to be abused and for humanity to abuse itself. We might end up with a military built on robotic servants (no casualties in war) and that the establishment will be under the thumb of a human. To me that is the truly scariest possibility.


Still PETMAN is a fascinating step forward for robotics and the future is clearly knocking on our door. The question is, "Will the human race exercise good moral decision making with the power it is developing or not?" History would inform us on this question but then my local public schools dont teach it anymore focusing rather on teaching for the test that students must pass to graduate. Thus irrelevent things like History and Geography are shunted aside. We are truly entering a brave new world and is scares me.