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I'd call it a success

It's been just over a week since we released issue one of the Frontier Explorer and the response has been pretty amazing.  In fact the magazine has generated much more response that I expected, by quite a bit.  While the magazine is great, the Star Frontiers community that it is primarily aimed at is fairly small, or so I thought.  I'll be honest, I was expecting maybe 50-100 downloads from our website for issue one and that we'd be doing a lot of advertising and getting the word out to tell people about the magazine over t

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Hazardous Environments Series

This series was concieved and started a year ago to add challenges that were not combat related to the referee's toolbox. Combat is invariably one of the primary challenges in most rpgs and this is not likely to change. However, throwing a non combat challenge at the PCs can spice up an adventure and add some variety. Each article is focused on a particular theme: water, heat, lunar dust and more to come. Some hazards are environmental factors and others weather effects. Issue 2's article is written and this Fall the new challenges will involve the toxicity of lunar dust.

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The Frontier Explorer Magazine is live and on line!

Wow! That was two months of hard work but I am so proud of the first issue. We have a lot of functionality built into the website for us as editors and for registered users as well as the 'lurking' public. Having every article on line will be a boon to anyone who wants to refer to a specific article but also the hi-res down loads of the maps for users to print and use was an excellent idea.

Issue 2 is 80% written and Issue 3 is at 30% but the unwritten percentages are plotted so all we need to do is get them written or wrap up a partially written document.


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