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A New Can Of Worms - Session 14

In this session, the PCs fight off the assault on the archeology site by a Galactic Task Force mercenary band and witness a startling display of power from over 50 km away.

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A New Can Of Worms - Session 13

In this session, the PCs decide to break off attempting to infiltrate the Dawn's Glow and catch their ride down to the planet's surface. They receive some more information on the contact they are following up and head out to the dig site where he last worked for Streel.  While there they make a discovery and learn that an attack is underway on the compound.

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A New Can Of Worms - Session 12

In this session, the PCs try to get onto the Dawn's Glow, or at least gather some incriminating evidence against the crew.  They also have a brush with the station authorities for suspicious behavior.

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A New Can Of Worms - Session 11

In this session, after avoiding a near run-in with the mercenary band, the PCs venture off Pale for the first time on their way to Laco.  When they arrive on the station, they find the ship that they suspect fired on the Streel shuttle that they rescued.

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Session 10 - A New Can of Worms

In this session, the PC engage the Sathodragon, make it the rest of the way to Tookerville, rummage through the PGC contact's house gaining some useful intel, split with the mercenary band, and race cross-country back to Point True.

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Session 9 - A New Can of Worms

In this session the PCs integrate themselves more with the mercenary company and prepare for their first big mission.

This session has numerous audio recording issues at the beginning and we join the session somewhat already in progress.  There are still a few audio artifacts in the beginning of the recording and occasionally throughout.

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Session 8 - A New Can of Worms

In this session, the players sign up with the mercenary band that they demolished in the previous adventure in an attempt to find out more information about the attack.

Cheekara visits his family who live in the town of Reesdale where the mercenaries are based and Che'ck'ca runs into his brother making a delivery in the town.

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Session 7 - A New Can of Worms

In this session the players finish up with the crashed spaceship.  They fight off the attacking mercenaries and get the cargo off loaded and returned to Streel.

We also pick up a new player that introduces himself at the beginning of the session.


Note: Due to restrictions with the hosting provider, I had to reduce the audio encoding rate slightly to get the file to upload to the webhost.

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Session 6 - A New Can of Worms

As promised, here's the next session, recorded Feb 23, 2018.

In this session, the PCs get word of another attack of a set of four quickdeaths like they saw in the village but this time at the zoo in Point True. There is a lead on their source and the PCs are sent to investigate. It doesn't turn up much but while there, they witness what appears to be a starship making an emergency landing and possibly crashing. Radioing it in, they are sent to investigate, locate the downed ship and help the survivors.

Next session will be Friday, March 9th @ 8pm MST.  If you want to follow along live, we stream on Twitch.

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Session 5 - A New Can of Worms

I've gotten a bit behind posting these as this one was recorded over a month ago!  I have one more session in the queue that will be posted soon and we have our next session this Friday.  I'll try to be better about getting it up sooner after recording.

In this session, the PCs continue exploring the Sathar cave, capture a few more sathar, kill some cybernuks, and then decide that there are probably too many more sathar deeper in for them to handle and call for backup. They return to Point True for a debrief and some much needed rest.

Additionally, this session suffers from a serious audio problem.  At about the hour and a half mark, my (the GM's) audio cuts out, and remains out until about the 3 hour mark. You can still hear the PCs but can't hear my descriptions.  I'm not sure exactly what happened.


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