D eye Y Smelted Assault Scouts

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Over at Delta's D&D Hotspot was posted a mini tutorial on home made assault scout minis.


The whole process is not actually covered but cool to see 4 new assault scouts enter the world.

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Casting Minis

From the looks of his ladel he started with a Dunken.com kit of Prince August RTV rubber moldes.  I have a large collection of these molds and have made hundreds of minis this way.  I have made a few molds myself as well.  I have never copied any of my SF or Fantasy minis however.  I have a can of new RTV in the garage and should sculpt a couple of assult scouts to cast.

Hey! a free Frontieer Explorer Assult Scout Mini could be the patch for the net con 2013.


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I just changed the title of

I just changed the title of this thread as i think that the word kitcshen in the title was attracting the spammer posts

Just a dralasite exploring the Frontier.