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We love making the Frontier Explorer.  It's a labor of love and something that we greatly enjoy.  But it does take a lot of effort and there are costs associated with making the magazine, running the website, and the time spent.  If you enjoy the magazine and are inclined to say thanks by helping us defray those costs, consider supporting our Patreon campaign.

The Frontier Explorer is and always will be free for those that want to just enjoy its great content.  By supporting the Patron campaign you are simply making a donation to tell us thank you and help us make the magazine even better.  It's completely optional and your particpation (or not) will in no way affect access to the magazines.  However, if you are interested in more behind the scenes access there are some perks for patronage.

As always, you can also just make one-time donations via our donate button on the left.  I would like to take a moment to call out a special thanks to those that have donated to the site in the past.  Thank you to

  • Jeremy Boucher
  • Kevin Wong
  • Mark Ney

So if you want to help us out, please considering becoming a patron.