Issue 35 Now Available

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Hello Explorers!

Welcome to the 40th anniversary year of Star Frontiers and issue 35 of the Frontier Explorer. This issue starts with a throwback to the early days of the game with an article by Richard Rose about one of the first ships he designed even before he had the Knight Hawks rules.  He also gives us a Knight Hawks adventure later in the issue.

Tom Verreault continues the starship theme with an article about starship computer systems,  He also gives us a couple of alternate rule systems for beginning character skills and backgrounds.

A second theme for this issue is cadres and organizations which we get across three articles by three different authors: Tom Verreault, Ken Wang, and Oscar Rios.

We also have an article from Oscar that was supposed to go in the last issue, but we missed due to a communication mix-up.  The issue ends with a planetary brief by Oscar and the first installment of a fiction piece by Rod McDonough.

The complete article list for this issue is:

  • Starling Class Light Transport
  • Demystifying Starship Computer Systems
  • Section 13
  • The Sisters of Charitable Retribution
  • Grub Across the Stars
  • Beginning Character Blues
  • Hidden Horrors of Star Frontiers
  • Space Battlefields: Interactive Quantum Radar Map Assets
  • The Heist
  • Raised by Wolves?
  • Planetary Brief – Circe
  • The Invasion of Gran Quivera

Grab your copy, sit back, and enjoy.  And as always, keep exploring!