Issue 29 Now Available

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Hello Explorers!

Welcome to issue 29 of the Frontier Explorer. You can grab it here on the

website or at DriveThruRPG. We kick off the issue with a new ship by a new author, Shawn Starky, detailing a small hull size 4 freighter. We are also introducing a new series, “An Alternate Frontier,” by another new author, Richard “GreyMyst” Farris. The first article, Electrochemical Slugthrowers, looks basic projectile weap-ons and provides a variety of new models.  Future articles will look at other weapons and develop his version of an alternate Frontier.

We again have two more installments of the “Things that go Boom!” series, which should wrap up with a final article next issue.  This time we’re looking at dropped ordinance – bombs.

We round out the issue with our usual comics, another article from Jurak Hangna, a look at the Battle of Zebulon, a book review, and a new bit of equipment from the Minzi Marketplace.

 The full article list is:

  • Pah’Thas – Hull Size 4 Freighter
  • Things that go Boom 7 – Looking at Dropped Weapons
  • Knight Hawk Scenarios: Battle of Zebulon
  • Percival's Legacy!
  • Titian Rising: 2299
  • In the Minzii Marketplace: Inertia Umbrella
  • Electrochemical Slugthrowers – Sluggers
  • Book Review: Ultimate RPG Character Backstory Guide
  • Things that go Boom 8 – More Bombs, Targeting, and Aerial Drop Systems

Grab your copy, sit back, and enjoy. And as always, keep exploring!