Issue 26 Now Available

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Hello Explorers!

Issue 26 of the Frontier Explorer is now available.  You can grab it here on the website for from DriveThruRPG.  This is a more typical grab-bag issue with no particular theme, although it definitely leans heavily to the weapons and equipment direction.  We have articles by two new authors this issue: Nick Landry and John Blaylock, with articles on portable power sources and energy weapons, respectively.  I think we can expect to see more articles from them in the future.

We are also starting a run of articles, under the heading of “Things that go Boom!”, by Joseph Cabadas.  This issue contains the first two articles, about grenades and missiles.  This series will run with a couple of articles in each issue for the next year or so.  I believe there are currently eight articles total in the publication queue and he’s working on a ninth.  So you can expect a lot of explosions in the future.

Another first for this issue is articles for the Traveller game system.  Richard “Shadow Shack” Rose has picked up the game again recently and takes us on a trip down memory lane from when he was a player in the 80’s and also provides an introductory article on the various career options during character generation in that game system for those of us who have never played the game.

We round out the issue with a couple of “How does it work?” articles on Yazirian gliding (that got bumped from last issue due to space constraints) and exoskeletons, a fluff article detailing a phonetic alphabet for the Frontier, our usual Jurak Hangna article, and deck plans for a pirate frigate.

The full article list is:

  • They Call Dralasites Delta Bravos
  • How Does it Work? Yazirian Gliding
  • Introduction to Traveller: Character Service Branches
  • The Volturnian Bowler
  • Introduction to Traveller: Chargen!
  • Things That Go Boom! Grenades
  • Portable Power in The Frontier
  • Titan Rising: 2299 #19
  • Rafflurs and KE Lasers in Alpha Dawn
  • Things That Go Boom! Part2: Looking at Missiles and Rockets
  • How Does it Work? Exoskeletons
  • Black Condor Class Pirate Frigate
  • Grymz Guide Intermission comic

Grab your copy, sit back, and enjoy.  And as always, keep exploring!