I received a call from WotC ...

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Last week I was contacted by WotC informing me that they were teminating my permissions to publish mateiral from the Star Frontiers game.  Talking to them on the phone, it sounded like they wanted me to remove everything and stop publication of the magazines.  However, the way the actual documenation was worded, it seemed to only relate to the publication of the original rules, modules, and Dragon magazine articles.

If the latter is the case, it should have no impact on the Frontier Explorer.  If the former, then the material on this site will be going away.  While I'm hoping there is no impact, more likely what we can achieve is some middle ground where what has already been published will be allowed to stay on-line while we are asked to not produce any new issues.  I'm still waiting on clarification from WotC as to their intent.

In light of recent developments with the trademark application by Evil Hat and the release by WotC of the PDF and print-on-demand versions of the original materials on DriveThruRPG, this development is unsurprising and completely within their rights as the copyright holder.

At the very least, the remastered rules, modules, and Star Frontiersman issues that contain Dragon magazine articles will be removed from the Star Frontiersman site by the end of the week.  Beyond that, things are in limbo while I await clarification from WotC.  However, if you want to be safe, download a copy of all the magzine issues to a local drive so you have them even if we have to take them off-line.  I'll keep everyone informed as I learn more.