Frontier Explorer Issue 9 Available

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Welcome Explorers!

Issue 9 is now available for download.  This issue is all about spaceships.  We have a couple of awesome deck plan by Joseph Meager that we rescued from a lost Star Frontiers site.  Plus submissions from some regular contributiors and a cargo ship by a new author, M. Derryberry.  In all, there are three sets of deck plans, a writeup on a fourth class of ships, some space stations, and a review of early atomic rockets.

We also have a new system brief and the continuing adventures of Jurak Hangna and Grymz, as well as a bit of Yazirian legend related by Alex Stone.  We even found room to squeeze in some new equipment, more pages of the Titan Rising: 2299 comic, and some Knight Hawks encounters.

We are really excited about the image on the cover.  The Assault Scout model used to make the cover was created by a talented Fronteirsman named Jay Thrurman.  Look to see more done with this and other models he's created in future issues.

This issues contents are:

  • Adha and the Brother Hunters
  • Scree Fron
  • NGT-1000 Container Ship
  • Passenger Liner
  • Passage to Scree Fron
  • Freedom Class Ships
  • Titan Rising: 2299
  • In the Minzii Marketplace
  • Red Thunder
  • Rodworth Guide to Pre-Frontier Atomic Rockets
  • The Minotaur Sealion
  • Skylab Series Stations
  • Grimz Guide Comic #9

Grab your copy today and check out all the new material.  And as always, keep exploring!