Frontier Explorer Issue 34 is now available!

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Hello Explorers!

Issue 34 of the Frontier Explorer is now available.  You can get it here on the website or at DriveThruRPG.

As a nod to the Halloween season, this issue starts us off with a look at the Archetypes of Horror and how to use them in a Star Frontiers, an article my Tom Verreault.  We also welcome a new author, Ken Wang who details out a spacer organization, original designed for the Cepheus Engine, but that can be dropped into any sci-fi setting.

Richard “Shadow Shack” Rose gives us a pair of articles looking at what a fair ground-to-orbit or orbit-to-ground shuttle fare should be based on the economics of the Frontier as well as an article about making special concessions as a game master.  Laura Mumma and Tom Verreault take a look at the history of the Frontier from just the original rules, modules, and Dragon articles, while Oscar Rios and Tom Verreault teamed up to do a panel at a local convention where the discussed the real-world history of the game.  We have the transcript of that panel in this issue.

We round out the issue with a smattering of other articles by Tom Verreault including a look at some sample robots, a conversion of the robot in Expedition to the Barrier Peaks to Star Frontier, a review, some new equipment, and a crime adventure.  The issue closes with a short fiction piece by Tom Stephens that is the prologue to a longer novel set in the Frontier.  See if you can figure out the time period and events to come.

The full article list for this issue is:

  • Archetypes of Horror
  • The Sextant Association
  • A Fistful of Companion Robots
  • The Gaxian Robot Conversion
  • Fair Shuttle Fare
  • If We Could Put Timelines in a Bottle …
  • Special Concessions
  • A Lost Frontier – A History of Star Frontiers
  • The Escape Pod
  • Aliens & Asteroids: Fate of the Solar Chaser
  • The Infrared Strobe Marker
  • A First and Fateful Encounter

Grab your copy, sit back, and enjoy.  And as always, keep exploring!