Frontier Explorer - Issue 33 Now Available

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Hello Explorers!

issue 33 of the Frontier Explorer is now available.

This issue begins with another blast from the past with an old web article by Andrew Campbell on the use of solar sails on ships in the Frontier.  Oscar Rios gives us a vrusk name generator as well as a system brief on the Solar Minor system.  We finish off the Radiation in the Frontier series by Joseph Cabadas and Jerry Boucher details the battlesuit.

Tom Verreault gives us a review of two RPG products which inspired him to create a new creature, the genetically engineered cat, adapted to life in zero gravity.  He also writes up a Psychic PSA, details some mysteries around the Frontier, and discovers some various water containers in the Minzii Marketplace.  We finish off the article with a ship for the Traveller game as a reskin of the opening section of Crash on Volturnus for Traveller.

Jurak Hangna is still on extended sabbatical for this issue.

The full article list is:

  • Solar Sails in Star Froniters
  • Vrusk Name Generator
  • First Contact Team RPG & Sci-fi Facility Generator Review
  • Genetically Engineered Cat
  • Radiation Hazards in the Frontier – Part 2
  • The Psychic PSA
  • Solar Minor System Brrief
  • Mysteries of the Frontier
  • The Battlesuit
  • Dying for a Drink
  • The Dawn Class Exploration/Transport
  • Escaping the SS Serena Dawn

Grab your copy, sit back, and enjoy. And as always, keep exploring!