Frontier Explorer - Issue 32 Now Available

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Hello Explorers!

Issue 32 of the Frontier Explorer is now available for download. We start off with a “Blast from the Past” and a play report of an old Star Frontiers game from decades ago.  The “Blast from the Past” series presents articles found on dead Star Frontiers websites or other places from before the magazine started and the early days of the game.  This issue has three such articles, the a-ready mentioned play report, a system for resolving investigation of alien technology (or any complex task, really), and an in-setting card game you can bring to your table.

We have two articles on aircars and new flying vehicles by Jerry Boucher and Oscar Rios. Oscar also gives us a look at the life of a typical, non-adventuring vrusk.

The big article this issue is the first of a two-part series that looks at using radiation effects in the game by Joe Cabadas.  The second half will be in issue 33.

Tom Verreault gives us a bevy of articles including reviews of a sci-fi map designer and Star Frontiers compatible miniatures, another character archetype, several bits of equipment, and finally, a detailed look at the published material on the Scree Fron system and its implications/extrapolations.

We round out the issue with our usual comics by Scott Mulder.  Unfortunately, due to some unexpected events, Jurak Hangna was unable to transmit an article for this issue, but we should expect one from him next time.  Which reminds me, I should check in with Alex Stone to see if he has any new adventures to report.

The full article list is:

  • Playing the Bad Guys
  • Frag Maps Review
  • Have Aircar, Will Travel …
  • Zoomers
  • The Vrusk Hustler
  • Radiation Hazards in the Frontier – part 1
  • Titan Rising: 2299  - episode 25
  • Alien Technology Flowcharts
  • An Industrious Life
  • IR Masking Skeinsuit and Military Toxyrad Gauge
  • The Expanded Medkit
  • Starbuckaroos
  • Soaring to New Heights on Hakosoar
  • Reaping New Star Frontiers Miniatures from Reaper
  • The Escape Plan #10

Grab your copy, sit back, and enjoy. And as always, keep exploring!