Frontier Explorer Issue 23 Now Available

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Hello Explorers!

Issue 23 of the Frontier Explorer in now available for download.  This issue focuses on Clarion Station and all the things to see and do there.  As part of our Warriors of White Light challenge, we have a couple of articles detailing the home of the Clarion Royal Marines.  The other feature article in this issues is one detailing a conversion of the Star Frontiers races to the new FrontierSpace RPG.

We round out or relatively small selection of articles this issue with some of our standard fare including a new creature from the Jurak Hangna foundation (it’s Tik’s fault this time), a yazirian legend courtesy of Alex Stone, our usual comics and articles about holidays and “cursed items” in the Frontier.

The full article list for this issue is:

  • Frontier News
  • Grokh the White One
  • Clarion Station Expanded
  • Titan Rising: 2299 #16
  • Star Frontiers Races in the FrontierSpace RPG
  • 10 Things on Clarion Station
  • The Ublax Allagi
  • Holidays in the Frontier
  • Cursed Items in the Frontier
  • The Escape Plan #2

Grab your copy today and as always, keep exploring!

The Frontier Explorer is now listed as a “Pay What You Want” product on DriveThruRPG.  As always, the Frontier Explorer is free (and always will be) and you don’t have to feel guilty about just downloading it and enjoying it for free.  Please do.  That said, if you want to help support the magazine, the pay what you want option allows you to make a contribution. Think of it as a “tip jar” or donation plate.  Just don’t feel like you need to make a contribution.  If you want to be a regular supporter, you might consider supporting our Patreon campaign as that not only helps support the magazine, it gets you early access to some of the articles and to each finished issue about a week before it becomes generally available (details on Patreon are in the issue).