Frontier Explorer Issue 22 Now Available

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Hello Explorers!

Issue 22 of the Frontier Explorer is now available.  This issue sports and amazing cover image by Chris Walton.  Inside, you’ll find a variety of articles include some character archetypes, new equipment, new creatures, and rules for constructing space stations.  This issue also contains some early information on a new game FrontierSpace by DWD Studios that will see some coverage in future issues of the magazine.

This issue sees the introduction of a “Frontier News” section discussing events happening in the community.  We’ll see how that goes for future issues.  Feel free to submit information for inclusion if you have any.   Additionally, our Grymz Guide comic ended last issue and this one introduces the follow-on comic, The Escape Plan.  Finally, we have a new Star Frontiers character sheet by Mark Potter.

Also starting with this issue, I’m listing the Frontier Explorer as a “Pay What You Want” product on DriveThruRPG.  As always, the Frontier Explorer is free (and always will be) and you don’t have to feel guilty about just downloading it and enjoying it for free either here or on DriveThruRPG.  Please do.  That said, if you want to help support the magazine, the pay what you want option allows you to make a contribution.  Just don’t feel like you need to.  If you want to be a regular supporter, you might consider supporting our Patreon campaign as that not only helps support the magazine, it gets you early access to some of the articles and to each finished issue about a week before it becomes generally available.

The full contents of the issue include:

  • Frontier News
  • Warriors of White Light Challenge
  • Assault Scout Standard Equipment
  • Musical Instrument Smuggling Cases
  • The Myth of the Minigun and the Dralasite Heavy Gunner
  • The Noble Savage
  • The Sabertooth Eel of Hum
  • Tactical Battle Mats and Poster Maps
  • Titan Rising: 2299
  • Star Frontiers Character Sheet
  • Brutorz
  • Artifacts Roadshow: Transportation Edition
  • Space Station Construction Guidelines
  • Stations of the Frontier
  • Gift From My Father
  • The Escape Plan comic

Grab your copy today and as always, keep exploring!