Frontier Explorer Issue 18 Now Available

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Hello explorers!

Frontier Explorer issue 18 is now available. This issue is focused on spacecraft (we have four new ones) and optional rules for the Knight Hawks board game. In addition we have a variety of campaign background material along with the usual Jurak Hangna articles and comics.

This issue took a little bit longer to put together because I had an absolute crazy last four weeks including taking my end of program exam for my Masters of Library and Information Science degree (writing 3 research papers in a single week), and then my day job hit me with having to teach an average of eight classes a week for the last 3 weeks. And my wife was out of town for one of those weeks at a pair of astronomy and physics conferences. Like I said it's been a bit crazy.

In any case, the issue is out and I was quite happy with the mix of articles. I hope you enjoy it. The full article list is:

  • Top 10 Small Party Ships of Science Fiction
  • Ships of the Frontier: TSC Magdalina – SC-181 Courier
  • Posita and Negato The Gypsy Moons
  • Atlantic Class Freighter
  • Using the Varda in Star Frontiers
  • A Change in Orbit
  • Titan Rising: 2299 #11
  • Atlas Manufacturing Corporation “Comet”
  • Bandoliers From Bandits
  • New Era Commercial Survey Module: CMS-GPS
  • The Miniature Lossodragon
  • Alternate Movement Rules for Knight Hawks
  • Grimz Guide Comic #18

Grab your copy and start exploring today!

When you're looking for the orbit template download file you can find it here.