Frontier Explorer Issue 17 Available

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Hello Explorers!

Frontier Explorer issue 17 is now available.  This issue is focused on robots and leads off with an amazing article by author Joseph Cabadas that collects, collates, and combines the various robotics rules from the Star Frontiers rulebooks and magazines into a single comprehensive rule set that can be used with either the Alpha Dawn or Zebulon’s Guide rules.  Following up on this is a series of short articles about new robots, a new cadre, implications of robots in the setting, and acquiring or building robot miniatures to use at your table.

In addition to the robot articles, we have several of our regular features including the Titan Rising comic and a new creature from the Jurak Hangna Foundation as well as another installment of the adventures of Alex Stone and some optional rules about the medic skill and med kits.

The full list of articles includes:

  • Robot’s Rules of Order Revised
  • A Cybot Named JOKER
  • The Scythe Drone
  • Remote Robotic Control
  • Robo-Sourcing the Frontier
  • Building the Frontier in Miniature: Robots
  • The Cybernetic Emancipation League
  • Titan Rising: AD 2299 #10
  • The Local Rights Alliance
  • A Crushing Ride to Easley Station
  • Healing and Medical Kits
  • Finding the Flinthopper
  • Grimz Guide Comic #17

Grab your copy and start exploring today!


(Sorry I was a little late in getting this up. I've been off-line camping in Glacier National Park.)