End of an Era

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Well folks, the verdict is in. I just heard back from WotC.

The bad news:
There will be no new issues of the Frontier Explorer or Star Frontiersman. I disagree with their reasoning behind it and may be able to change their mind in the future but for now I will be complying with with their wishes.

Also, I'll need to pull the remastered digital maps that i created (Port Loren, KH station deck plan, Town map, and the original Assault Scout deck plans). Since these were designed to be near exact replicas of the originals, this is understandable.

The good news:
Everything else already published stays up! I don't have to pull the websites or already published materials down. I cannot express how happy this makes me as I had feared the worst. The efforts of everyone who created content for the magazine will stay on-line for everyone to enjoy.

For the issues of the Star Frontiersman that I had to pull, I'll be removing the Dragon articles and reposting them over the next few weeks. I also don't have to pull out the original artwork that was used in any of the magazines. I was given permission to keep all that up.

Other news:
I'm waiting to hear if I actually need to pull the material off of DriveThruRPG or not. The answer I got to that question wasn't clear. Even if I do, they will stay up on the websites.

I'll be making a few changes to the website, primarily pulling the "Submit New Content" button and the Patreon link.  Beyond that there probably won't be to many changes expect that I'll be pulling the site off an external hosting provider back to my home server.  I also need to decide what we're going to do with the material in the submission queue that we didn't get to publish.  Most likely it will get edited into a on-line edition here on the website, but not put together into a complete PDF download.

Thank you to everyone who has supported the Frontier Explorer over the years whether as authors, artists, or just readers. I was hoping to get to at least 25 issues to match the Star Frontiersman but we came close with 23 issues (although if you count the two technical manuals ...).

I haven't decided what I'll work on next, the Frontier Explorer has consumed most of my free time over the past (nearly) 6 years since Thomas Verreault Jr and I started working on it back in April of 2012. I know some of my time will be spent on material for FrontierSpace as I'm working on a module with Bill Logan and editing one for Trevor Holman. But I'll definitely be working on more Star Frontiers material as well. The truth is I have a huge todo list. I just need to decided where to focus (one of those is getting all the back issues put up as individual on-line articles).