A Changing Frontier

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Hello Explorers!

The Frontier Explorer has acquired the Star Frontiersman magazine.  About two months ago I was contacted by Bill Logan, the creator of the Star Frontiersman magazine, and asked if I would be interested in taking over management of the magazine.  His work with DwD Studios takes up all his free time and he just doesn't have the time to devote to the magazine that it deserves and didn't want to see it die.

I gladly accepted it and have been working on a new web site for the Star Frontiersman and getting everything ready and transfered.  That process effectively completed on Monday.  You can read the details about the magazine and change of management and download any past issues you're missing at the new web site.

Submissions for both magazines will be handled through the submission form on this site.  If you have a strong preference on which magazne your content appears in please let us know in your submission comments.  We're quite excited about this development and hope you enjoy both magazines from here on out.

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