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Hello Explorers.

I've pulled a few things off the sidebar, including the "Submit New Content" button and link to DriveThruRPG as well as the Patreon link.  If we start accepting submissions or are allowed to repost the material on DriveThruRPG, they will come back.

The big change, however, is that I've added a link to the Star Frontiers Discord chat server in the sidebar.  Clicking on the link gives you an invite to the server where you can chat and talk with other members of the Frontier.  Feel free to join in.  The community in the chat server is small at the moment but we're hoping to grow it as time goes on.

This server will be linked across all of the websites I administer and I'll be adding in over the next few days so you should see it poping up in a number of different places.  It will also be linked from the Star Frontiers Facebook group (2000+ members) and Google Plus community (500+ members).