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Dreams from Pain

Note: I recently enrolled again in college and the following post is from a writing exercise.

In high school my ambition was to be an editor or writer for Dragon magazine, the monthly periodical by the publishers of Dungeons and Dragons game to promote their products. However, life happened and that dream was not realized.

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Issue 3 Now Available

Issue 3 of the Frontier Explorer is now available.  We were really excited and honored to get permission from Ali Ries to use one of her images as the cover and couldn't pass up the opportunity to center the issue on the topic of her picture.  Accordingly this issue has a strong robotics theme with articles on new robots and robotics skills and a robot component to the included adventure.

This issue contains the final installment of the Mooks Without Numbers adventure and also a new creature file entry by explorer Jurak Hangna.  In addition we have a number of other articles containing useful background information for game masters, more locations, a pair of starships and a short story.  The issue is packed full of great articles.

This issues contents (article titles) are:

  • Robotics in the Frontier
  • Programming Robots for Dummies and Dralasites
  • Gorilian Carnivorous Wom
  • Eorna Lunar Defense Battery
  • E-1A Eorna Heavy Fighter
  • Dawn Trader Class Merchant Ship
  • Mooks Without Number - Part 3
  • Frontier Robots I
  • The "Tin Can" Robot
  • Stand Your Ground
  • Oort Clouds and Kuiper Belts
  • A Pirate By Any Other Name
  • For Lucco's Honor
  • Terran Fauna

Grab your copy and keep exploring new frontiers.

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Why we do a magazine instead of a web site for new material

Today I reviewed the Star Frontiersman #19 which had close to the last of the material I put together for that zine before leaving it to start the Frontier Explorer. It had a  bunch of materail I had painstakingly tracked down from lost internet sites where snapshots of those sites had  been preserved in the Waybackmachine internet archive. Many of these sites were from the late '90s and early 2000s but are now not on the internet. Its sad becasue they had great Star Frontiers content created by fans running those sites.

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Major Goals of module/ campaign writing

Major Goals for adventure/module/campaign writing.

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New Setting Material in Development

There has been some great development in the Star Frontiers setting concerning mega corp, the Frontier economy, and touching on matters involving space stations and star ships at the Star Frontiers community development site.

A hot new project has sprung up on the mega corps:

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Print Version of Issue 2 Now Available

If you are someone who likes to have physical copies of the magazine, the print edition of isse 2 is now available.  We had hoped to have it available at the same time as the PDF version but keep running into delays in getting the print media ready to go.  But it is available now and looks great.  If you want to grab a copy, jump on over to the Issue 2 product page on DriveThruRPG to order one.

Keep exploring!

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RPG twist (fantasy?)

This is probably more a twist for a fantasy adventure but could work for science fiction. The party of player characters are searching for the Tomb of Dude Rex and think they find it but it turns out to be his cenotaph. A cenotaph is an empty grave created to memorialize the dead individual and his real tomb is elsewhere. In the Old Kingdom Egypt the first dynasty rulers had a tomb and a cenotaph both; one in Upper or southern Egypt and one in Lower or Northern Egypt.

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Issue 2 Now Available

Issue 2 of the Frontier Explorer magazine is now available.  This issue is once again filled with system briefs, new ships, locations, creatures, and background material for use by GM's in their games.  This issue also includes several contributions from community members, a milestone we hadn't expected to reach for a couple more issues.  Needless to say we're excited.

Continuing with the 30th Anniversary of Star Frontiers theme, this issue delves into the archives and contains a summary of some Star Frontiers gaming conventions held back in 1999 that included interviews with some of the game's original developers.  These interviews provide insight to some of the philosophies that went into the design of the game.

We also have the next installment of the Mooks Without Numbers adventure and introduce a new series by explorer Jurak Hangna that will present a new alien creature in each article.

This issues contents (article titles) are:

  • The Family of One
  • Friend or Foe?
  • Sci Con I & II - 1999
  • Digging in the Dust of Laco
  • Mooks Without Number - Part 2
  • All We are is Dust in the Wind
  • Eorna Defense Installaion Ruins
  • Great Aquatic Sandworm of Moonworld
  • Grymz Guide Comic

Grab your copy and keep exploring new frontiers.

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Print Version of Issue 1 Now Available

I'm pleased to announce that the print version of issue 1 of the Frontier Explorer is now available. As this was our first attempt at this, it took us a little longer than we would have liked to work through the process.  For future issues the print edition will be available closer to, if not at the same time as, the public release of the electronic version.  (Remeber that by registering here at the magazine's website, you will get a sneak peak preview a week or two in advance of the public release).

Site Downtime

The website will be down for a few hours of maintenance starting at 10am MDT on Friday, Aug 24th.  We're getting a network upgrade that will more than triple the download speed of the website allowing you to download the magazine issues and hi-res images faster (and support more people doing it at the same time). 

UPDATE - 08/23/12 10:00 pm MDT - The upgrade has been postponed until a future time due to some medical issues I have to take care of in my family.  I'll post another update when the new upgrade time is scheduled.

UDPATE - 08/24/12 3:15 pm MDT - The upgrade is done.  They showed up unexpectedly this afternoon while I was home and we did the switch over.  You should enjoy faster downloads now.


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