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Poll Closing

Just a heads up that the poll for the best Star Frontiers module will be closing on Jan 5th.  Get your vote in if you haven't already.

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Frontier Explorer Issue 10 Now Available

Hello explorers!

And Happy Halloween! We have a treat for your goodie bag.  Issue 10 of the Frontier Explorer is now available for download.  This issue includes a ghost story, tips on incorporating horror into your science fiction game, and a horror themed adventure.

Also included are the next installment of many of our standard columns as well as new ships, some optional ship rules, and a look at how many ship are really running about the space lines.

We also want to make a shout out to our cover artist for this issue, Jason A. Davis.  He’s done a lot of art for the Star Frontiersman and we’re excited to have his contributions for the Frontier Explorer now as well. 

The issue contents are:

  • Shades of the Blade
  • In Search of the Gorlians
  • No Passport for Giggles
  • The Frontiers of Horror
  • In the Shadow of the Prodigal Sun
  • Titan Rising: 2299
  • New Cadre: HAG
  • Bounty Hunters
  • How Many Ships are There?
  • Edges and Flaws for Starships
  • The Dubliner Family
  • Grymz Guide Comic

Grab your copy today.  And as always, keep exploring!

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What is the greatest Star Frontiers module of all time?

Cast your votes for what you consider to be the best Star Frontiers module.  You may select up to three modules.

SF4 - Mission to Alcazzar
46% (39 votes)
SFKH1 - Dramune Run
22% (19 votes)
SFKH2 - Mutiny on the Eleanor Moraes
18% (15 votes)
SFAD5 - Bugs in the System
16% (14 votes)
SFAD6 - Dark Side of the Moon
13% (11 votes)
SF0 - Crash on Volturnus
11% (9 votes)
SFKH0 - Warriors of White Light
9% (8 votes)
SF3 - Sundown on Starmist
7% (6 votes)
SF1 - Volturnus, Planet of Mystery
6% (5 votes)
SF2 - Starspawn of Volturnus
4% (3 votes)
SFKH4 - The War Machine
4% (3 votes)
SF2001 - 2001: A Space Odessey
2% (2 votes)
SF2010 - 2010: Odessy Two
1% (1 vote)
SFKH3 - Face of the Enemy
0% (0 votes)
Total votes: 85
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A Changing Frontier

Hello Explorers!

The Frontier Explorer has acquired the Star Frontiersman magazine.  About two months ago I was contacted by Bill Logan, the creator of the Star Frontiersman magazine, and asked if I would be interested in taking over management of the magazine.  His work with DwD Studios takes up all his free time and he just doesn't have the time to devote to the magazine that it deserves and didn't want to see it die.

I gladly accepted it and have been working on a new web site for the Star Frontiersman and getting everything ready and transfered.  That process effectively completed on Monday.  You can read the details about the magazine and change of management and download any past issues you're missing at the new web site.

Submissions for both magazines will be handled through the submission form on this site.  If you have a strong preference on which magazne your content appears in please let us know in your submission comments.  We're quite excited about this development and hope you enjoy both magazines from here on out.

Star Frontiesman Logo

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Frontier Explorer Issue 9 Available

Welcome Explorers!

Issue 9 is now available for download.  This issue is all about spaceships.  We have a couple of awesome deck plan by Joseph Meager that we rescued from a lost Star Frontiers site.  Plus submissions from some regular contributiors and a cargo ship by a new author, M. Derryberry.  In all, there are three sets of deck plans, a writeup on a fourth class of ships, some space stations, and a review of early atomic rockets.

We also have a new system brief and the continuing adventures of Jurak Hangna and Grymz, as well as a bit of Yazirian legend related by Alex Stone.  We even found room to squeeze in some new equipment, more pages of the Titan Rising: 2299 comic, and some Knight Hawks encounters.

We are really excited about the image on the cover.  The Assault Scout model used to make the cover was created by a talented Fronteirsman named Jay Thrurman.  Look to see more done with this and other models he's created in future issues.

This issues contents are:

  • Adha and the Brother Hunters
  • Scree Fron
  • NGT-1000 Container Ship
  • Passenger Liner
  • Passage to Scree Fron
  • Freedom Class Ships
  • Titan Rising: 2299
  • In the Minzii Marketplace
  • Red Thunder
  • Rodworth Guide to Pre-Frontier Atomic Rockets
  • The Minotaur Sealion
  • Skylab Series Stations
  • Grimz Guide Comic #9

Grab your copy today and check out all the new material.  And as always, keep exploring!

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Frontier Explorer Issue 8 Available

Welcome Explorers!

Issue 8 is now available for download.  This issue brings us a variety of topics including races, ships, equipment, and creatures.  We also have a variety of campaign background material, a new comic series, and another story about the exploits of Rodworth Shimout.  This issue also includes the second of many articles on converting the Star Frontiers setting to the Stars Without Number game system.  This issue's installment covers character creation.

This issues contents are:

  • A Survey of Yazirian Literature
  • Star Frontiers Characters Without Number
  • UPF Supply & Fast Combat Support Ships
  • Snow Cats
  • Let's Eat
  • LandFleet Surplus
  • Titan Rising: 2299
  • Volcanoes
  • Scads and Scads of Skads!
  • Bokar
  • Supply Run
  • The Wonders of the Frontier
  • Boneyard Station
  • The Redshift from White Light
  • Grimz Guide Comic #8

Grab your copy today and check out all the new material.  And as always, keep exploring!

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Sathar Destroyer Technical Manual Now Available

Hello Explorers!

The Frontier Explorer presents

Sathar Destroyer Technical Manual cover imageThe Sathar Destroyer Technical Manual

The Sathar! They have repeatedly invaded the Frontier and their deadly red ships have always remained a mystery. Rumors abound that top secret UPF files exist giving details on sathar ship interiors and details of the sathar culture and military. No UPF official has ever admitted to the existence of this information.

Now, The Frontier Explorer presents to citizens of the Frontier the deck plans of a sathar destroyer. These plans were recently declassified from Starfleet records and represent data obtained from an undetonated derelict ship found drifting since the First Sathar War. These plans reveal the true alienness of these creatures and underscore the terror that these ships should instill in all Frontier citizens.

The Sathar Destroyer Technical Manual is the first of the Frontier Explorer Presents series.  The Frontier Explorer Presents series is our collection of special issues and will contain materials that doesn't fit in the magazine format or requires a speical presentation of its own.

This 30 page document contains complete maps and descriptions of the interior of the sathar destroyer, the most common sathar vessel found in the Star Frontiers game. It also includes information on the the philosophy of the ship's design and cultural elements about the sathar to allow game masters to develop similar plans for other ships. While the sathar are specific to Star Frontiers, this ship and deck plans can be easily adapated for use in other game systems.

In addition to the PDF with the ship descriptions, there are two map download files in the Hi-Res Downloads Maps section.  These downloads include two sets of full scale maps. Both sets were produced at 100dpi and have a scale of 1 half inch (50 pixels) = 1 meter. The first set has a half inch square grid superimposed on it and is designed to be printed and used for tabletop play with miniatures or the counters provided in the Star Frontiers game. The second set is identical but has had the grid removed to be used with virtual tabletop game systems.

As is true with all the Frontier Explorer products, and per our agreement with Wizards of the Coast in creating Star Frontiers material, this download is completely free. But while we can't charge for our products, we are allowed to accept donations and “tips” from interested users.  If you like what you've seen in the published issues of the Frontier Explorer magazine and want to help keep it going, consider making a donation when you download this title by clicking the "Donate" button at the bottom of the left sidebar. All donations go toward maintaining the magazine's website and producing the magazine and special issues.

We hope you enjoy this special Frontier Explorer Presents issue. As always, keep exploring!

The Sathar Destroyer Technical Manual is also available on DriveThruRPG.

Forums now working properly

Thanks to one of our readers that pointed out that posting in the forums for the individual issues wasn't working.  It turns out that there was a permissions issue on the site preventing registered users from posting in those forums.  That has been fixed and the forums can now be used properly to discuss the contents of the various issues.  If you have a comment or thoughts about specific articles, jump on over to the Magazine Issue Discussion forum, select the issue in question and let us know your thoughts.

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Frontier Explorer Issue 7 Available

Welcome Explorers!

Issue 7 is now available for download.  This issue brings us a couple of new authors, Daniel R. Collins and Jason Combs, both with great articles on new fighters - one about new fighters to use in the game and one about new fighter miniatures. We also have a new location on Volturnus, some new equipment for space vehicles and a new sathar vessel.  The issue definitely ended up with a slant toward starships although we didn't intend it that way. 

This issues contents are:

  • New Player's Primer: Yazirians
  • Forging Fighters
  • Rise of the Plague Wind
  • The Devil's Lair
  • The Sac-laang, Ash-Laa, and Osakar Legend
  • Nascom Automated Systems for Aerospace
  • Drone Wars
  • Hidden Dangers
  • The Funeral
  • Grimz Guide Comic #7

Work, holidays, and vacations caused a bit of hassle with this issue so we're a bit behind in getting it out and getting the HTML version on-line.  Bear with us as we finish it up.  The PDF version, which is how most of our readers get the content is ready for download however.  So don't wait.  Grab your copy today and check out all the new material.  And as always, keep exploring!

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Issue 6 Now Available

Hello explorers!

The Sathar are coming!  Issue 6 of the Frontier Explorer is now available for download. This issue focuses on the Sathar and provides a wealth of information on how to integrate the sathar into your campaign.  Most of the content is rules agnostic and would allow the inclusion of the sathar regardless of the game system.

Articles include information on sathar society and military organization, an adventure introducing a possible sathar defector, a look at possible interactions with the sathar and the megacorps, and a look at hypnotism.  We also introduce the first of a series of articles looking at converting Star Frontiers material to the Stars Without Number game system.  In this issue we look at converting the sathar attack monsters. 

We also had a complete set of deck plans for a sathar destroyer but it just wouldn't fit.  Look for it coming out as a special "Frontier Explorer Presents" issue in the next month or so.

The issue content (articles) are:

  • A Player's Guide to the Star Frontiers Setting
  • Yazirian Parajumper
  • Truane's Star System Brief
  • Sathar Summit II
  • Consipracy Theories
  • Sathar and the Megacorps
  • A Thin Sharp Line
  • Extending the Line
  • Sathar Military Organization
  • Sathar Monsters Without Number
  • Exploring Hypnotism in the Frontier
  • Cybernuk of New Pale
  • A Can of Worms
  • Living Expenses
  • Got Techno-Babble?
  • The Gray Wave
  • Grymz Guide Comic #6

Grab your copy and keep exploring new frontiers.


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