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Frontier Explorer Issue 22 Now Available

Hello Explorers!

Issue 22 of the Frontier Explorer is now available.  This issue sports and amazing cover image by Chris Walton.  Inside, you’ll find a variety of articles include some character archetypes, new equipment, new creatures, and rules for constructing space stations.  This issue also contains some early information on a new game FrontierSpace by DWD Studios that will see some coverage in future issues of the magazine.

This issue sees the introduction of a “Frontier News” section discussing events happening in the community.  We’ll see how that goes for future issues.  Feel free to submit information for inclusion if you have any.   Additionally, our Grymz Guide comic ended last issue and this one introduces the follow-on comic, The Escape Plan.  Finally, we have a new Star Frontiers character sheet by Mark Potter.

Also starting with this issue, I’m listing the Frontier Explorer as a “Pay What You Want” product on DriveThruRPG.  As always, the Frontier Explorer is free (and always will be) and you don’t have to feel guilty about just downloading it and enjoying it for free either here or on DriveThruRPG.  Please do.  That said, if you want to help support the magazine, the pay what you want option allows you to make a contribution.  Just don’t feel like you need to.  If you want to be a regular supporter, you might consider supporting our Patreon campaign as that not only helps support the magazine, it gets you early access to some of the articles and to each finished issue about a week before it becomes generally available.

The full contents of the issue include:

  • Frontier News
  • Warriors of White Light Challenge
  • Assault Scout Standard Equipment
  • Musical Instrument Smuggling Cases
  • The Myth of the Minigun and the Dralasite Heavy Gunner
  • The Noble Savage
  • The Sabertooth Eel of Hum
  • Tactical Battle Mats and Poster Maps
  • Titan Rising: 2299
  • Star Frontiers Character Sheet
  • Brutorz
  • Artifacts Roadshow: Transportation Edition
  • Space Station Construction Guidelines
  • Stations of the Frontier
  • Gift From My Father
  • The Escape Plan comic

Grab your copy today and as always, keep exploring!

Session 1 - A New Can of Worms

In the first session, the characters are sent to investigate a murder at a Streel mine.  As they start to interact with the town and the miners and narrow down the suspect list, they encounter a surprising number of Sathar bio-constructs in the area of the village. 

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Session 0 - A New Can of Worms

This is the session zero for the new Star Frontiers RPG campaign A New Can of Worms.  We got off to a rocky start due to some technical issues but eventually got under way.  We discussed ideas and concepts about the campaign and rolled up characters.

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Frontier Explorer Issue 21 Now Available

Hello explorers!

Welcome to issue 21 of the Frontier Explorer.  This time around we have another spaceship themed issue and you might just recognize the cover image.  As we are celebrating the Star Frontiers 35th Anniversary I thought I’d use the iconic Knight Hawks cover image for this issue.

The issue contains a pair of new ships along with a redesign of the venerable assault scout with updated deck plans, along with a number of other articles about races, miniatures, and a small adventure. 

The full article list for this issue includes:

  • New Player Primer - Dralasites
  • Assault Scout – Swift Class
  • What are the Rooksha?
  • Pelican Troop Transport
  • UPF Rescue Scout
  • Titan Rising: 2299 – Episode 14
  • Station Eviction Incident
  • Escort Duty
  • The JHF Wildlife Preserve
  • Frontier In Miniature: Tents and Small Sci-fi Structures
  • Vector of Regrets
  • Grimz Guide Comic

Grab your copy and remember to always keep exploring.

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Frontier Explorer Issue 20 Now Available

Hello Explorers!

Issue 20 of the Frontier Explorer is now available.  This issue marks five years of publishing the Frontier Explorer (how time flies). Together we’ve produced over 800 pages and over 400,000 words of content and by the looks of it we are still going strong.

This issue is primarily focused on creatures and races.  What is a science fiction game without more races and creatures to play and discover?  We have two race conversions and a large number of creatures (both new and converted from other systems) throughout the pages of this issue along with some of our staple columns.

Additionally we have an article that didn’t quite fit in our last robot issue, a continuation of our “New Player Primer” series that got started way back in issue 6 & 7 but has been on hiatus, a d100 table to grab a random world from, and a few other odds and ends.

The complete article list for this issue is:

  • New Player Primer: Vrusk
  • Creating Mid-level Characters in Star Frontiers
  • Who are the Raith?
  • The Frontier in Miniature: Shrubs, Cactus, and Flowering Bushes
  • Creature Conversions II
  • Titan Rising: 2299
  • Minotaur Rip Snake
  • Translator Microbes
  • Vembraces from the Minzii Marketplace
  • Badder Conversion
  • Malfunctioning Masseuse Bot
  • The Galactic “Hundred Acer Woods”
  • Grimz Guide Comic

Grab your copy today and start exploring!

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Frontier Explorer Issue 19 Now Available


Issue 19 of the Frontier Explorer is now available. This year is the 35th anniversary of Star Frontiers and issue 19 takes us back to where we all started, Volturnus, Planet of Mystery. We have a number of articles looking at equipment, adventures, and background material about the planet.

In addition we have a number of our regular features, more robot articles, a debut article from Robert Murphey (ExileInParadise) that gives us tables for determining your character’s birth world/location based on the planetary population codes in the rules, a few book reviews, and a short fiction piece.

The full article list for this issue is:

  • Star Frontiers 35th Anniversary
  • Star Frontiers Birth Locations
  • Looking at the Eorna of Old
  • Solving the Star Metal Sickness
  • Volturnian Psycrystals
  • The Mechanon Revolt and Its Roots in the Battle of Volkos
  • Volturnus Before the Day of Doom
  • The Dralasite Mubobp
  • Titan Rising: 2299
  • Drones For Star Frontiers
  • The Frontier in Miniature: Cybots
  • Dystopian Futures
  • General Quarters
  • Lo, The Rings of Saturn
  • Grimz Guide Comic

Grab your copy and start exploring!

Website Update

I've updated the core web framework and a large number of modules on the site.  Most (if not all) of this should be completely transparent to users.  If you do notice any problems, please let us know.

Additionally, I've re-enambled registrations.  I'll be monitoring this to see if we get flooded with spammers again.

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Frontier Explorer Issue 18 Now Available

Hello explorers!

Frontier Explorer issue 18 is now available. This issue is focused on spacecraft (we have four new ones) and optional rules for the Knight Hawks board game. In addition we have a variety of campaign background material along with the usual Jurak Hangna articles and comics.

This issue took a little bit longer to put together because I had an absolute crazy last four weeks including taking my end of program exam for my Masters of Library and Information Science degree (writing 3 research papers in a single week), and then my day job hit me with having to teach an average of eight classes a week for the last 3 weeks. And my wife was out of town for one of those weeks at a pair of astronomy and physics conferences. Like I said it's been a bit crazy.

In any case, the issue is out and I was quite happy with the mix of articles. I hope you enjoy it. The full article list is:

  • Top 10 Small Party Ships of Science Fiction
  • Ships of the Frontier: TSC Magdalina – SC-181 Courier
  • Posita and Negato The Gypsy Moons
  • Atlantic Class Freighter
  • Using the Varda in Star Frontiers
  • A Change in Orbit
  • Titan Rising: 2299 #11
  • Atlas Manufacturing Corporation “Comet”
  • Bandoliers From Bandits
  • New Era Commercial Survey Module: CMS-GPS
  • The Miniature Lossodragon
  • Alternate Movement Rules for Knight Hawks
  • Grimz Guide Comic #18

Grab your copy and start exploring today!

When you're looking for the orbit template download file you can find it here.

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Frontier Explorer Issue 17 Available

Hello Explorers!

Frontier Explorer issue 17 is now available.  This issue is focused on robots and leads off with an amazing article by author Joseph Cabadas that collects, collates, and combines the various robotics rules from the Star Frontiers rulebooks and magazines into a single comprehensive rule set that can be used with either the Alpha Dawn or Zebulon’s Guide rules.  Following up on this is a series of short articles about new robots, a new cadre, implications of robots in the setting, and acquiring or building robot miniatures to use at your table.

In addition to the robot articles, we have several of our regular features including the Titan Rising comic and a new creature from the Jurak Hangna Foundation as well as another installment of the adventures of Alex Stone and some optional rules about the medic skill and med kits.

The full list of articles includes:

  • Robot’s Rules of Order Revised
  • A Cybot Named JOKER
  • The Scythe Drone
  • Remote Robotic Control
  • Robo-Sourcing the Frontier
  • Building the Frontier in Miniature: Robots
  • The Cybernetic Emancipation League
  • Titan Rising: AD 2299 #10
  • The Local Rights Alliance
  • A Crushing Ride to Easley Station
  • Healing and Medical Kits
  • Finding the Flinthopper
  • Grimz Guide Comic #17

Grab your copy and start exploring today!


(Sorry I was a little late in getting this up. I've been off-line camping in Glacier National Park.)

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Issue 16 Print Edition Available

The print on demand version of issue 16 is avialable at DriveThruRPG if you are interested in grabbing a physical copy.  The print proof arrived yesterday and it looks great.


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