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I've updated the core web framework and a large number of modules on the site.  Most (if not all) of this should be completely transparent to users.  If you do notice any problems, please let us know.

Additionally, I've re-enambled registrations.  I'll be monitoring this to see if we get flooded with spammers again.

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Frontier Explorer Issue 18 Now Available

Hello explorers!

Frontier Explorer issue 18 is now available. This issue is focused on spacecraft (we have four new ones) and optional rules for the Knight Hawks board game. In addition we have a variety of campaign background material along with the usual Jurak Hangna articles and comics.

This issue took a little bit longer to put together because I had an absolute crazy last four weeks including taking my end of program exam for my Masters of Library and Information Science degree (writing 3 research papers in a single week), and then my day job hit me with having to teach an average of eight classes a week for the last 3 weeks. And my wife was out of town for one of those weeks at a pair of astronomy and physics conferences. Like I said it's been a bit crazy.

In any case, the issue is out and I was quite happy with the mix of articles. I hope you enjoy it. The full article list is:

  • Top 10 Small Party Ships of Science Fiction
  • Ships of the Frontier: TSC Magdalina – SC-181 Courier
  • Posita and Negato The Gypsy Moons
  • Atlantic Class Freighter
  • Using the Varda in Star Frontiers
  • A Change in Orbit
  • Titan Rising: 2299 #11
  • Atlas Manufacturing Corporation “Comet”
  • Bandoliers From Bandits
  • New Era Commercial Survey Module: CMS-GPS
  • The Miniature Lossodragon
  • Alternate Movement Rules for Knight Hawks
  • Grimz Guide Comic #18

Grab your copy and start exploring today!

When you're looking for the orbit template download file you can find it here.

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Frontier Explorer Issue 17 Available

Hello Explorers!

Frontier Explorer issue 17 is now available.  This issue is focused on robots and leads off with an amazing article by author Joseph Cabadas that collects, collates, and combines the various robotics rules from the Star Frontiers rulebooks and magazines into a single comprehensive rule set that can be used with either the Alpha Dawn or Zebulon’s Guide rules.  Following up on this is a series of short articles about new robots, a new cadre, implications of robots in the setting, and acquiring or building robot miniatures to use at your table.

In addition to the robot articles, we have several of our regular features including the Titan Rising comic and a new creature from the Jurak Hangna Foundation as well as another installment of the adventures of Alex Stone and some optional rules about the medic skill and med kits.

The full list of articles includes:

  • Robot’s Rules of Order Revised
  • A Cybot Named JOKER
  • The Scythe Drone
  • Remote Robotic Control
  • Robo-Sourcing the Frontier
  • Building the Frontier in Miniature: Robots
  • The Cybernetic Emancipation League
  • Titan Rising: AD 2299 #10
  • The Local Rights Alliance
  • A Crushing Ride to Easley Station
  • Healing and Medical Kits
  • Finding the Flinthopper
  • Grimz Guide Comic #17

Grab your copy and start exploring today!


(Sorry I was a little late in getting this up. I've been off-line camping in Glacier National Park.)

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Issue 16 Print Edition Available

The print on demand version of issue 16 is avialable at DriveThruRPG if you are interested in grabbing a physical copy.  The print proof arrived yesterday and it looks great.

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Frontier Explorer Issue 16 available

Hello Explorers!

Issue 16 of the Frontier Explorer is now available. This issue is a big reminder that this really is a community magazine and that we couldn’t do it without you. A special thanks to Joseph Cabadas and Chris Donovan who stepped up and provided a huge number of articles for this issue.

In this issue you’ll find a variety of new equipment, weapons, and vehicles, as well as a complete system brief for the S’sessu home worlds, equipment, flora, and fauna related to the S’sessu, and hooks to help bring the S’sessu into your campaign. In addition, we have some great weapon stat cards that you can print out and use at your table to keep track of the various weapons in the party and owned by the NPCs.

The complete contents of this issue include:

  • Weyland-Yutani: Incorporating the Company into the Frontier
  • New Weapons
  • D.U.C.T. Tape
  • Want a New Ride?
  • Weapon Cards
  • Nugkta Cultivation
  • Titan Rising: 2299 Episode 9
  • The Ecology of a Sathar Agent
  • Phri’sk Anyone? Detailing the S’sessu Homeworlds
  • Things Wormy - Looking at S’sessu Biology, Items, Flora, and Fauna
  • Fitting the S’sessu Into Your Campaign
  • S.O.S.
  • Book Review: Her Brother’s Keeper
  • Grimz Guide Comic

I hope you enjoy this issue as much as I did. So grab your copy and remember to always keep exploring.

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Going to try to be better about communicating

I should really be better about posting things here to let people know what is going on with the magazine.  So in the interst of letthing people know what's happening:

Issue 16 is almost ready to go.  I just need to give it a final look through, add the finishing touches to cover, and assemble the final version of the PDF (adding cover images, creating bookmarks and links, etc).

Once that is done it will go off to the Patreon supporters and then out to general release.  Expect it by the end of next week.

(That assumes, of course, that I don't find any major issues).

Also a shout out to Andrew Moore who has been helping me to get the missing on-line versions of back articles up on the site.He has most of issue 7 and part of issue 8 up as well.

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Issue 15 Print Edition Available

Just got the print proof in the mail and it all looks good so the print edition of issue 15 is now available on DriveThruRPG.  If you would like a physical copy jump on over and grab yourself one.

Dealing With Spammers

For those of you trying to visit the forums, I apologize for all the spam.  Apparently since moving to the new hosting service we've had a plage of spammers getting through the defenses on the site.  I've gone through and deleted all the spam accounts (along with their content) created since December.  However, in the process I may have accidentally deleted some real accounts.  If your account is gone, send me an e-mail via the contact link and I'll get your account recreated.

For the time being, I've disabled new account creation until I can figure out a better way to stop all the spam.  If you want an account just send me and e-mail with your contact information and I'll set it up.

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Frontier Explorer - Issue 15 Now Available

Hello Explorers!

Issue 15 of the Frontier Explorer is now available.  A special shout out to author Laura Mumma who provided several features for this issue with her revisiting of Janus, a planet presented as part of a Star Frontiers competition module at MassConfusion in 1984.  She’s cleaned up the planet and critters and presented them anew for use in your game.

In addition we have many of our regular features such as a new Jurak Hangna article, more equipment from the Minzii Marketplace and the regular comics.  Also included are an article about recreating the original Port Loren map, an Alex Stone article, some new races, and more.

The full article list is:

  • The Buckerbeisser
  • Mapping Port Loren
  • Janus System Report
  • Woolies
  • Janus Fauna
  • Titian Rising: 2299
  • Androids
  • Get a Grip
  • The Arks, Dogmen, and Mogs
  • Mr. M
  • Plicka and the Void Crusher
  • The Stowaway
  • Grimz Guide Comic

Grab your copy today and remember to always keep exploring.

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Issue 14 Print Edition Available

If you would like a physical copy of issue 14, it is now available to order on DriveThruRPG.  Just check out the Issue 14 product page there to grab a copy.


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