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Thanks to one of our readers that pointed out that posting in the forums for the individual issues wasn't working.  It turns out that there was a permissions issue on the site preventing registered users from posting in those forums.  That has been fixed and the forums can now be used properly to discuss the contents of the various issues.  If you have a comment or thoughts about specific articles, jump on over to the Magazine Issue Discussion forum, select the issue in question and let us know your thoughts.

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Frontier Explorer Issue 7 Available

Welcome Explorers!

Issue 7 is now available for download.  This issue brings us a couple of new authors, Daniel R. Collins and Jason Combs, both with great articles on new fighters - one about new fighters to use in the game and one about new fighter miniatures. We also have a new location on Volturnus, some new equipment for space vehicles and a new sathar vessel.  The issue definitely ended up with a slant toward starships although we didn't intend it that way. 

This issues contents are:

  • New Player's Primer: Yazirians
  • Forging Fighters
  • Rise of the Plague Wind
  • The Devil's Lair
  • The Sac-laang, Ash-Laa, and Osakar Legend
  • Nascom Automated Systems for Aerospace
  • Drone Wars
  • Hidden Dangers
  • The Funeral
  • Grimz Guide Comic #7

Work, holidays, and vacations caused a bit of hassle with this issue so we're a bit behind in getting it out and getting the HTML version on-line.  Bear with us as we finish it up.  The PDF version, which is how most of our readers get the content is ready for download however.  So don't wait.  Grab your copy today and check out all the new material.  And as always, keep exploring!

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Issue 6 Now Available

Hello explorers!

The Sathar are coming!  Issue 6 of the Frontier Explorer is now available for download. This issue focuses on the Sathar and provides a wealth of information on how to integrate the sathar into your campaign.  Most of the content is rules agnostic and would allow the inclusion of the sathar regardless of the game system.

Articles include information on sathar society and military organization, an adventure introducing a possible sathar defector, a look at possible interactions with the sathar and the megacorps, and a look at hypnotism.  We also introduce the first of a series of articles looking at converting Star Frontiers material to the Stars Without Number game system.  In this issue we look at converting the sathar attack monsters. 

We also had a complete set of deck plans for a sathar destroyer but it just wouldn't fit.  Look for it coming out as a special "Frontier Explorer Presents" issue in the next month or so.

The issue content (articles) are:

  • A Player's Guide to the Star Frontiers Setting
  • Yazirian Parajumper
  • Truane's Star System Brief
  • Sathar Summit II
  • Consipracy Theories
  • Sathar and the Megacorps
  • A Thin Sharp Line
  • Extending the Line
  • Sathar Military Organization
  • Sathar Monsters Without Number
  • Exploring Hypnotism in the Frontier
  • Cybernuk of New Pale
  • A Can of Worms
  • Living Expenses
  • Got Techno-Babble?
  • The Gray Wave
  • Grymz Guide Comic #6

Grab your copy and keep exploring new frontiers.

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Issue 5 Print Edition Available

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The print edition of issue 5 is now available through the Issue 5 product page on DriveThruRPG.  If you're interested in a print copy, jump over there and grab yourself one.

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Issue 5 Now available

Hello explorers!

Issue 5 of the Frontier Explorer is now available for download. This issue provides a smorgasbord of articles from our submission queue on a variety of topics.

We have several articles on gaming tips for both players and game masters to help make the game engaging and relevant to the players regardless of the game you play. There is new equipment as well as small cultural write-ups on a couple of the Star Frontier races.

This issue includes a clean, redrawn version of the classic Assault Scout deck plans as well as an initial look at variations on that ship, and a solo adventure that uses those deck plans. We also delve into the internet archive to resurrect some lost material on a new Mega-corp and optional rules for dealing with the expenses of owning a starship. There is also a short story by another new fiction author, that takes place in a new setting.

The issue content (articles) are:

  • A Vrusk Life In Song
  • Ice Cave Wolves of Alcazzar
  • Creating Plot Hook Laden Backgrounds
  • Backgrounds – Rooting Player Characters in the Setting
  • Crafting Personal RPG Quests
  • Financing A Frontier Freighter
  • The Yazirian Warrior Bard
  • The Assault Scout
  • The Albatross
  • Going for the Head
  • Oni-Senada Corporation
  • A Blast from the Past
  • Riddle Me This, Puzzle Me That
  • Dealing with Power Creep
  • To Live And Die In StarLight
  • Grymz Guide Comic #5

Grab your copy and keep exploring new frontiers.

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Issue 5 Subscriber Preview available

Issue 5 is almost done.  We've released the subscriber preview and are working on getting all the on-line content ready to go as well as putting together the print edition.

This issue has a variety of content including tips for GMs and players, a solo Star Frontiers adventure, remastered deck plans of the classic Star Frontiers ship the Assault Scout and many other great articles.

Look for issue 5 to become publicly available in the middle of next week. 

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D eye Y Smelted Assault Scouts

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Over at Delta's D&D Hotspot was posted a mini tutorial on home made assault scout minis.

The whole process is not actually covered but cool to see 4 new assault scouts enter the world.

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Web based Character sheets

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I've seen a few web based character sheets around the net and of varying utility, discovering this one got me wondering if FE should get involved in this effort.


Of course the problem these days is what rules do you use? AD, Zebs, or one of the fan adaptions?

There is a SF character sheet at Mad Irishman (not surprising):

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Recent picture on DA got me thinking: Self Propelled Autonomous Rail Gun


as a setting objective/nemesis

Potential PC interactions:

1. as light infantry taking out the "war elephant" essentially a throw back to the Punic Wars where war elephants were the tanks of the battlefield but when flanked by light infantry they were easily neutralized. PCs must neutralize the SPARG so that other ships may enter orbit. the counter for light infantry taking out a war elephant was assigning light infantry to escort the war elephant thus the PCs will encounter other opposition scaled to their size- robotic escorts or living escorts.

2. using SPARG to defend a planet almost a space invaders themed encounter.

3. espionage- steal the plans etc

4. "Scotty I need that SPARG now or we're all dead!" rail guns experience deteriation of their rail system if not fired in vacuum thus when used for planetary defense they need plenty of TLC- PCs need to repair the SPARG before the alien swarm arrives or everyone dies.

5. Ghost in the Machine- rogue SPARG pushes its own agenda.

6. "One flew over the clockworks nest" PC mission lobotomize the SPARG and take over manual control of the weapon system for mission X

SPARG are designed to be anti siege weapons- mobile making them tough to localize for orbital bombardment. they are designed to level cities and shoot stuff in orbit.

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Over Thinking a Conversion

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Tom got me working on a conversion for Stars Without Number to STar Frotntiers. Its a retro clone of the old B/X D&D rules crafted for a science fiction setting. Rather elegant set of rules I must say. That's a strong compliment becuase I've been extremely frustrated with D20 systems since returning to D&D 5 years ago.

At anyrate I was totally over thinking the conversion and mucking it up and making it less elegant. Time to step back, breathe deep and chop my work down to size.

I strongly recommend Stars Without Number for role players who are wedded to the D20 system and mechanic but would like to play in a sci fi setting for a change. Hopefully there will be a conversion guide coming out for its use in the Star Frontiers setting soon too.


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