Concept Art: tetrarchs revealed?

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Concept Art: tetrarchs revealed?
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The cover art for Traveller 4 Milieu 0 product inspired this


archaeological dig with members of the core four at the base of an unearthed statue and the statue is a dead ringer for something right off Easter Island on earth. Headling is: Tetrarchs Revealed? or something to that effect, "Face of the Tetrarchs?"


I've been reading a book on drawing landscapes in pencil and did my first landscape in a composite drawing called Necromancia, which is no great thing to write home about but I feel that I can pull togehter some photo reference and develop this picture except that I feel like i dont want to use the 9X12 paper and should up size. Down side is that I'll have to fiddle with scanner software and figure out the scan and stitch feature as well as find time to swing by the art store for the larger sized 100% rag paper

The upside is that with the larger sized paper i might just try doing a Star Frontiers version of the original Star Wars poster [the one with Luke holding a light saber above his head] Vader will become a vrusk and the death star will become a space station out of 2001 a space odessy and instead of X wing fighters launching into the sky it will be assault scouts oh yeah guess who Chewbaka will be? debating how to work in a dralasite as I feel that a little leg is good in art and thus planned to leave Princess leiha a human female so that leaves Luke or Han as a dralasite.

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Luke is the dralasite.  Han as a dralasite would never work with Chewe as a yazirian.  Chewe would pull Han apart after a few bad jokes and funny shapeshifting.  Han could be human.