An SP on Hakosoar

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by Eric Winsor

Greetings fellow beings.  The Jurak Hangna Foundation would like to present this installment of our alien creature adventures as an official statement to the rumored events that occurred recently at the JHF Xenological Park here on Hakosoar.  Many news outlets have reported that there has been a new sighting of the Sathar parasites that were in the media years ago.  There are various holovid clips in the media purporting to show an SP attached to the back of a human that attempted to assassinate an elder of the Family of One High Council of Genetics visiting the JHF last week.  These holovids were shot from a great distance and did not provide enough resolution to confirm the existence of the SP to the public.  The JHF would like to present to the public and the applicable government authorities the following statement of events and collected scientific data from JHF personnel.

A Special Visitor

The Honored Gruk Kagru visited the JHF for an afternoon tour of our genomics lab to review successes we have had regenerating several species of yazirian life forms previously attempted by GodCo without success.  After the laboratory tours, Elder Gruk Kagru was escorted by Dwain, Tik, and I to the open habitats outside the genomics buildings whereupon a single laser shot was fired at Elder Gruk Kagru striking him through his left ear tip and burning across the back of his skull without penetrating the bone.  The Elder’s security detail immediately surrounded him and rushed him back to the building where Tik provided medical treatment.  Others of the security detail quickly took to the air by jet pack and swiftly located and apprehended a human male of approximately 30 years of age concealed in the upper branches of one of the clan trees we have successfully cultivated here at the JHF.

Upon apprehension the human male went into a catatonic state and started convulsing.  Several of the yazirian security detail of Elder Gruk Kagru bound the human to themselves in the ancient yazirian assisted decent grapple and dropped him safely to the surface and rushed him into the infirmary.  The human was quickly succumbing to some form of nerve induced cardiopulmonary shutdown.  He was fighting a losing battle to breath and his heart rate was erratic and dropping.  A freeze field was activated and the human was put into a comatose state.  The infirmary staff quickly discovered that the source of the human’s failing nervous system was a parasitic creature on the man’s back that was trying to kill him.  The freeze field was slowing the creature down and preventing it from removing itself from his back but was not fully staying the creature for some unknown reason.  Tik was soon on the scene and assisted by our own Doctor Jika Gasar from the genomics lab they succeeded in stopping the creature from attacking the man’s nervous system by subjecting it to a prolonged electric shock whereupon the creature succumbed to the effects of the freeze field and the life signs of the human stabilized into a comatose state controlled by the freeze field.

The stabilization of chaotic events upon saving the man from death quickly brought everyone in the infirmary to the realization that we were in a hazardous alien event and Tik ordered the infirmary sealed.  Doctor Gasar, the Elder’s Chief of Security and three others of his security detail, the infirmary doctor, Doctor SpaKa and two of his nurses, and Tik were all sealed with the human in the operating room.  Myself, the Elder and his entourage, and the remaining infirmary staff were all sealed in the infirmary wing.  We all remained in the lock-down situation while the medical staff conducted a thorough biological scan of everyone and the entire building.  Tik, Doctor Gasar, and Doctor SpaKa conducted additional testing of the parasitic creature on the human’s back and determined that the creature was alive but fully succumbed to the effects of the freeze field.  They also determined that no one in the operating room was contaminated with anything containing DNA matching the parasite on the human’s back.

During the DNA analysis Elder Gruk Kagru’s Chief of Security was watching the doctors working and made the connection that the creature matched data he had learned about Sathar Parasites like the one on the back of Queanee Kloonanu's assassin.  The chief then mentioned the possible sathar connection to the parasite.  Doctor SpaKa quickly brought up a UPF data file of the structure of sathar DNA.  Doctor Gasar then swiftly matched it to the DNA samples they had just taken from the parasite attached to the human's back.  The tests confirmed that the creature is a sathar bioform.  The chief then sent a private message without any of us knowing he had sent it.  We learned about it a few hours later.

Hosts and Parasites

The standard procedures to clear a biological lock-down took a few hours for the testing to complete.  The quick actions of our staff in activating a freeze field and shocking the parasite to disable it are credited with keeping everyone safe.  The O.R. was quarantined from anyone entering without a full environment suit.  Doctor SpaKa then set about treating his patient to keep him stabilized and search for a way to remove the sathar parasite or SP from his back.  Toy Hurtbot was brought in to assist as a precaution against any other personnel being compromised by the creature if it became active again.  The Elder and much of his security detail then left.  The chief of security and several of his personnel stayed behind and loitered in the infirmary wing.  Only Dr SpaKa, Tik, and Hurtbot were allowed to work in the quarantined O.R. with the human and the parasite.

Dr. Spaka first did an exploratory of the mechanism of attachment utilized by the SP.  He quickly determined that the parasite’s many tentacles were each tipped with a sharp microscopic carapace.  These were utilized to pierce the skin of the human and allow the tentacle to wrap itself around the muscles and tendons in the human’s back.  This mechanical attachment is likely very painful to the host.  Some preliminary chemical analysis suggests that the parasite secretes an anesthetic from its tentacles that numb the host and also coagulate body fluids around the tentacle incisions.  Dr. SpaKa was able to free some of the shorter tentacles but surrendered the effort when he attempted to release the grip of one of the larger tentacles that was firmly intertwined into the human’s back muscles.  The grip of the parasite was so tight that it would have required severing the tentacle and cutting the severed appendage from the back muscles.  This would have severely damaged the human’s muscle structure.  Tik also raised the risk of releasing unknown bacteria from the parasite by severing the tentacle.

Tik and Dr. SpaKa then switched their focus to extracting the head of the SP from the Human’s back.  They determined that the head of the creature was upright on the human’s back due to what appeared to be a very small mouth piece attached to an area saturated with blood from what appeared to have been the parasite sucking blood from the Human for sustenance.  Dr. SpaKa suggested that they inject the human with antibody plus to fight any infections the human may have contracted through blood contact with the parasite.  Tik skillfully injected a dose of antibody plus into the ring of blood around the very small parasite mouth.  Almost instantaneously the parasite twitched and its green color turned to a clear white translucence revealing a pair of tendrils running under the human’s skin to the base of his skull.  Further scans revealed that the tendrils were imbedded into the human’s cerebellum.  The tendrils then branched out into a network of the parasite’s neurons throughout the human’s brain.

The antibody plus had produced some unknown effect on the parasite without killing it.  The parasite was still comatose and fully susceptible to the freeze field.  However, the now visible extent of the parasite’s invasion of the human’s nervous system left both Dr. SpaKa and Tik certain that they both would be killed if the parasite was forcefully separated.  Dr. Gasar who had been assisting by operating Hurtbot remotely, observed that likely the combination of the freeze field and the antibody plus had made the parasite’s nervous system not just visible to their scans, but possibly susceptible to probing and maybe even susceptible blockage.

Doctor Gasar proposed a procedure to saturate the human’s cerebellum with antibody plus, implant a neural interface at the junction of the parasite’s tendrils and the human’s cerebellum, and then keep the parasite under a constant electric charge to keep it paralyzed while the human and parasite were released from the freeze field.  The three ran a series of simulations and decided the procedure was a good risk that they could control.  Dr. SpaKa would conduct the procedure with Tik assisting and Hurtbot employed as a countermeasure to hold the human forcibly if required.  They were about to start the procedure when the chief of security entered the O.R. with his side arm drawn.

Image captured by T.H. (Source material from Wikimedia Archives).


Enter the UPF

We had all been focused on the activities in the O.R. and had not been watching the security team loitering in the infirmary wing.  The Chief had spent much of his time discreetly in an audio call on his chronocom.  Two of his officers had been covering his actions by appearing to be in a discussion with him, while positioning themselves to block the views of the infirmary security cameras.  One of our security programs triggered a silent alert when the Chief’s view had been blocked for too long from all angles.  The JHF security chief then contacted myself and Dwain and we decided to put Dwain in the security office to keep tabs on them.

When the Chief terminated the call our security system registered the cessation of the signal and was able to detect that the signal was not on the established planetary frequencies.  I was en route to meet with the Chief and run interference when the Chief and two of his officers donned bio-suits, entered the O.R. armed, and stopped Dr. Gasar’s proposed procedure to waken the human free from the parasite’s influence.  Dwain observed this and messaged me on my chronocom and then called in the press from Hyyay.  Dwain’s stroke of genius to call the press is why I am able to publish this account.

The Chief announced that he was taking the “human traitor and his alien master” into custody.  He ordered all attempts to revive the human ceased and that the human be placed in a sealed cryo-chamber for delivery to the authorities.  Tik and Dr. SpaKa protested and resisted but The Chief was very insistent and bordered upon raging to assert his authority.  Tik had to insert himself between Dr. SpaKa and the Chief to keep them from a blood contest.  Once Tik calmed the two down the Chief ordered Tik and Dr. SpaKa to stand against the wall and touch nothing.  He announced that everything in the O.R. was evidence and all would be taken when the authorities arrived.  Hurtbot was then commanded to place the human in the cryo-chamber when the other security personnel in the infirmary ward wheeled it into the O.R.  Dr. Gasar guided Hurtbot from her place in the VR control room to place the human into the cryo-chamber then she set him down at one of the computer terminals, plugged him in, and put him in sleep mode.

The Chief and his security detail moved the cryo-chamber into the infirmary ward and then stood guard over it until the authorities arrived.  The authorities arrived about ten minutes later with the press in hot pursuit.  There was quite an event when the authorities arrived.  The authorities ushered Tik and Dr. SpaKa from the O.R. to the infirmary doctor’s office for private questioning.  A team of technicians swarmed through the O.R. downloading all the databanks and deleting everything of the event.  Dwain had to forcefully prevent them from dismantling Hurtbot and deleting all of his programs.  Dr. Gasar only persuaded the yazirian authorities to leave Hurtbot alone by sitting upon Hurtbot and announcing that anyone who touched Hurtbot would become the life enemy of Clan Gasar.

The press got into a heated argument with the authorities about access to the O.R. records and the right to film the parasite on the human’s back.  The authorities did not allow them to see the parasite and ushered the cryo-chamber to an aircar with press cameras in tow.  They returned to the infirmary ward minutes later without any parasite footage and started in on us.  With the authorities packed up and gone we were questioned extensively by the reporters.  We told them about everything that happened while their technicians and ours tried to recover any data from the O.R., they found nothing. The press was furious that the authorities had come in and taken everything in complete disregard to the freedom of information laws on Hakosoar.  As the interviews were completed Tik pulled the senior reporter aside with us and we discussed the legal ramifications of the JHF announcing that this event actually happened.  The press only has the above story from us and the image we obtained from one missed file later.  We consulted with our legal counsel and we have full legal right to report and share any information we can recover from our databank.

When the press published their findings they could not get any statements from the authorities that the event at the JHF actually happened.  Requests of the Honored Gruk Kagru’s office only confirmed the visit to the JHF and denied that any assassination attempt happened.

Sathar Parasite




Small : 20cm








Established minimum 60




Estimated 1d5


Neural toxins and anesthetics





GM Notes

Jurak and the JHF have more data than they have revealed to the authorities or the press.  Dr. Gasar downloaded the entire O.R. database into Toy Hurtbot when she sat him down at the O.R. computer terminal and put him into sleep mode.  The image presented in this article is a capture from Hurtbot’s vision memory.  The authorities that took the sathar parasite are suspected to actually be Family of One operatives.