Planeron Station

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The infamous Planaron asteroid is an unusually large asteroid in the White Light system.  Secretly mined by a crazy wild cat miner for years, it was ripe to become the base of operations for the Planaron Pirates who were clandestinely funded by Streel.  During the Battle of Planaron, the pirate fleet was wiped out and the base's defenses reduced to scrap.  It still took the Royal Marines putting boots on the asteroid to fully clear it and that's when evidence of Streel's involvement was discovered.  For a time the asteroid remained abandoned though closely monitored by the Royal Marines.

In an effort to prevent more undesirables from moving back in to use the asteroid as a base, as well as to eliminate the cost of monitoring it, the Clarion Parliament decided to sell the rights to the asteroid to a suitable corporate developer.  Space Mines, Inc. purchased those rights with a 100 year charter to operate an ore processing station there.  In time Planaron grew to be a thriving, though small, community of miners, spacers, and a few small business operators.

Due to technicalities of the Clarion legal code, the asteroid falls outside of the normal jurisdiction of Clarion police and military authority if there is no “clear and present threat.”  The view of the law is that Planaron is a corporate facility and therefore its security falls to the corporation not the tax payer.   However, Space Mines (lovingly referred to by many as "Spaced Minds") has mismanaged it.  Planaron has attracted a criminal element making it a rough and ready hive of scum and villainy.  Yet as long as Space Mines ore processing operation isn’t interrupted they make no attempt to police the community living on the station.

For a time the Royal Marines detailed a detachment to the station but Kota Mikoshi, the Liberal Party politician on the Prime Minister’s cabinet, lead the fight to have them removed.  The reasoning being that “the Crown should not pay for security of a private corporate installation.”  The irony of a Liberal, who espouses the ending of the monarchy, being concerned over an expense to the Crown was not lost on many.  None the less she succeeded and the Royal Marines were forced to remove their detachment.  Planaron became a criminal’s haven.

Recent developments have seen a Star Law marshal posted to the station.  Current policy of the present marshal is to not stir up any hornet’s nest he doesn’t need to.  Wanted interstellar criminals discovered on the station are arrested but he resents Space Mines viewing his presence as free security.  Virtually all crime against Space Mines property will be ignored by Star Law. 

The station is not spinning and there is no gravity.  Throughout the station provisions are made for both velcro-booties and mag boots.  Space mines rotates its personnel on a three month basis to prevent excessive bone and muscle loss due to 0 g living.  Long term residents suffer penalties to STR ability scores.

Planaron Ore Processing Station

Main Operations- Nerve center of the station with control rooms, main computer, sensors, offices, and station defenses: LB x1 & RB x1.

Administration & VIP Quarters- Administration center of the station with corporate headquarters and VIP corporate quarters.

Flight Ops & Station Defenses- This level includes the backup radar, orbital body tracking, flight control stations, and station defenses: LB x1.

Main Hanger- The hangar can accommodate up to HS 4 ships but usually handles ore shuttles.   The shuttles can unload the raw ore in one section of the hanger where it is transported to the processing center by special direct conveyor systems.  Processed ore is returned in another part of the hanger for shipment off the asteroid.

Engineering Support- This section of the station has three dedicated levels but doesn’t need this much space.  Engineering support includes life support, environmental controls, and processing but the second level under the main hanger is just back up and has been given over to ware housing. 

Stores and Fuel Depot- This level is directly concerned with supporting the hangers.  It stores the stations supply of chemical fuel, atomic fuel, and ion fuel.  Supply depots and workshops here only deal with fixing shuttles and small craft.  Some independent maintenance companies have space here serving the mining and prospecting ships.  The whole level is referred to as, “The Depot.”

Robotics and Workshops- This level is concerned with maintaining everything else in the station that is not related to small craft or the reactor.  This level has store rooms, workshops, fabrication shops, etc.  Robots make up a significant percentage of the workforce as they do not suffer negative health effects from 0 g.

Power Capacitors and Reactor Support- This level has high density energy storage capacitors to maintain power for the ore processing lab if the reactor goes down (the rest of the station can subsist on emergency power but ore processing continues at full pace).  It also contains supply rooms and workshops that support the reactor operations.

Station Habitation- These levels hold the quarters, gymnasiums, and other facilities for the station’s workforce.

The Core- This is the large, cylindrical, hollow core of Planaron.  It is the heart of the station and the center of commercial activity.  It holds a myriad of restaurants, stores, the infirmary, Star Law offices, theaters, etc.  The Core is a large open gallery with catwalks ringing it at each level and elevators in the 12 & 6 o’clock positions.  Additionally, there are pipes, support member , and even ladders linking each catwalk to the level above and below and many inhabitants will simply pull themselves up or down to the next level rather than walk to the elevator.  The large open space of the Core invites people to use jump boots or rocket packs to zip around.  More than one criminal has attempted to evade arrest by rocketing up or down the Core. 

Storage and Warehousing- A vast percentage of this level is given over to storing refined ore.

Station Defenses- This level also includes auxiliary hangers and docking.  It contains part of the station's defense system: LB x 2, RB x 1.