Paxac the Puncher

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by Chris Tierney

We begin today's adventures with a leisurely breakfast at the Meltar Hotel. Paxac, a ten limbed Dralasite Martial Artist, and Vicky, a Dralasite Mentalist, were determined to get jobs and make some money. After spending hours in the unemployment office, they decided that their options were limited. On the way out, they caught sight of a woman, the same one who had been trailing them for a few days now.

Paxac had an idea. If only there was a martial arts tournament that he could compete in. Not five minutes later, he found a poster. It was an advertisement for an upcoming five day martial arts tournament. He had two days to get ready. He and Vicky headed to Little Sengsen, the Dralasite District.

Finding and renting an apartment there, Paxac headed out to the MerCo Arena to get registered for the tournament. He quickly showed everyone his power by completely demolishing a punching bag with his first punch. Most of the people training around him backed away. This was the first of many crushing punches that he would deliver that week.

Heading back to the hotel, Paxac and Vicky noticed something sprinkled on their pillow, calling the concierge, he assured them that it was a fine Dralasite sleep aid. Over the night they absorbed it through their skin and had pleasant dreams and a very good sleep. The following morning, they packed up their belongings and checked out. Leaving luxury behind and heading to their back ally apartment in Little Sengsen.

Paxac stepped into the ring on the first day of the tournament and faced off with Bruno. The fight lasted three seconds. Paxac hit Bruno, and Bruno hit the floor. The referee revived Bruno with a shot of Stimdose, and Paxac put him right back down again. Vicky should have had more faith in her buddy and bet more money. Instead, she decided to capitalize on the opportunity and a plan was hatched.

Day two of the tournament Paxac faced a Yazerian named Fonn-Ar the Warrior. Fonn-Ar seemed to have more control over his battle rage, and was able to go right into it at the beginning of the fight. Paxac was surprised with a strange throw, a complicated Yazerian move that he had not seen before. Standing up, Paxac quickly dropped Fonn-Ar.

By the third day, Vicky's plan was in full swing. She had cards printed up and was trying to sell hats. The cards started selling out, so she ordered 1000 more. This day, Paxac faced off with a Vrusk named Gdtlask. A quick grapple started off the fight, one of Paxac's own tactics turned against him. It didn't last long though. Paxac actually dented the brain pan of the Vrusk with his final punch. The judges, actually docked his pay by 200 credits because the fights ended so quick.

By the fourth day, everyone knew Paxac's name. Cards were selling well, and Paxac pulled off a stunning performance of breaking boards, ice, and bricks. Good fun was had by all that day. Around this time Miles, the group's human medic, finally cleared customs and joined his companions. He was happy to bet on Paxac and sit by the ringside.

He was approached by the strange woman who Paxac and Vicky glimpsed back at the unemployment office. They couldn't get to him quickly, and by the time they did, Miles was well into a conversation with the young woman. It turns out that she was a handmaiden to the Lady Hellien Galavar, the wife of an important and influential politician. She had a problem that she wanted solved discretely.  She was trying to hire Pazac, Vicky, and Miles. They agreed to a meeting the following day, after the final match.

Cyberpunk Boxer by Z. G. Fisher

Being undefeated and a crowd favorite, Paxac stepped into the ring with thunderous applause. The odds were even for this fight. His opponent, Puncher Smith was a well-known cyborg who really beat his opponents. Paxac was not afraid. In an unexpected turn of events, Vicky was arrested and led away before the fight started. She protested that Paxac needed her, but Paxac was intent on fighting, and chose to rely on Miles for ringside support.

Vicky watched the fight from the confines of the local police station. Puncher Smith shelled out a serious beating. Paxac went down. It looked like the fight was over. In true form, Paxac was able to beat Puncher smith into submission. He won the grand prize.

Meanwhile, Vicky was back at the precinct pleading ignorance of the law about needed a peddler's permit to sell things at public events. The police were having none of it. They finally agreed to charge her with a felony and fine her 700 credits. Upon paying the fine, she was let go. It was clear that the local authorities wanted no more work than the bare minimum.

After the fight, Miles and Paxac headed to the Dock's Bar to meet with Lady Galavar. In the meantime, Cyprus, the fourth member of the crew, was finally released from his quarantine and headed to the stadium to meet up. He arrived there to find everybody gone and the staff cleaning up. Vicky was also there at the south gate looking into her winnings. When assured that all tickets had been paid out, she headed to the Dock's Bar as well. Cyprus called his buddies and got a pin for their location. He arrived at the same time as Vicky.

While they were on the mass transit, Lady Galavar told her story:

I was not born to rank and money, but to poverty and hardship. To survive, I worked as a cabaret dancer, singer, and actress in places far seedier than this one. Then I met Srennoval, we fell in love, and I buried my past to become an important man’s wife. However, an old … indiscretion … has come back to haunt me.

She paused, blushing, seemingly deciding whether or not to continue, before plunging ahead:

Long ago I was the lead actress in an… inappropriate… holovid. It was never released, and I’d thought it lost. Two days ago I received a data crystal containing the holovid and a note stating that the Noirlon Times will receive the original unless I pay 30,000 credits by tonight. If that holovid goes public it would destroy my husband’s career... and, besides, he has no idea that I...

The group agreed to 600 credits per person to go make a trade: the video for 30,000 credits. The meeting place was the Trix Café, table 23 at 17:00 the following day. After the meeting she gave Miles a credit chip with 30,000 credits and quickly left.

Just then, Cyprus noticed a Vrusk woman eying the party. Upon confronting her he learned that she was a reporter named Jury Ness. She had been tailing Lady Galavar and was looking for a scoop. Cyprus hatched a plan and they negotiated payment terms. Cyprus demanded more than she could commit to and they went separate ways, with a promise of a call in the morning.

On the following day, Miles and Cyprus needed better clothes to get into the Trix Café. After finding a clothing shop, Cyprus and Miles were led to a back room to fill in their customer profiles. After an hour of seemingly inane questions, Cyprus snapped. He started eating the computer tablet that he was holding. He started cracking off fingers and eating them as well. Miles was frustrated with the process too, but was then slightly amused by seeing Cyprus lose it.

In the end, Cyprus bought a nice black velvet cloak and Miles ended up with a green corduroy suit that looked more like a pair of green pants with a smoking jacket. When they finished shopping and rejoined Paxac and Vicky, the party ran into some trouble.  A group of thugs approached and gave a warning:

“Outworlders, walk away. You’re bangin’ heads against some very big people, and believe me, that ain’t somethin’ you want. Go back to your junkyard ship and blast off … for your health.”

Paxac and Cyprus beat them senseless. The police soon arrived. Miles cleaned his finger prints off the weapon he had lifted and all seemed well. The party showed up at the agreed upon place and experienced a slight sense of Déjà vu. Like they had been there before, even though no one in the party had ever been on Gran Quivera ever before.

Trix Café

Little Sengsen at Night by Shoeven Photography

Everyone arrived just before 17:00. Trix Café is a swanky bar, full of music, raucous laughter, fancy people, and smoky tables. As the heroes enter they are warmly greeted by Trixia, the six-armed, blue-skinned Vrusk owner of the bar. They were led to a back room. A strong looking Yazerian approached. He introduced himself as Drakkan Ferr.

He asked if the party wanted dinner, and they agreed to eat before conducting business. A nice Chianti was ordered, and talks began. After dinner, Miles handed over the credit chip and the exchange was made. Miles had the holovid and things looked golden, until some thugs showed up. A fight started and Paxac beat the thugs senseless. Drakkan made a move for the cube and Cypress grabbed it.

The bouncers stepped into the fight and engaged the thugs. It turns out that Jury Ness had tailed the group to the restaurant.  When the fight broke out, she activated her well concealed vidcam and started filming. The bouncers seemed to be allied with Drakkan, and with his prospects dimming, he made a break for the exit. He was stopped by the police, and the fight quickly ended. Just before the ending, Cyprus threw the holovid to Jury. She made a clean break and escaped. The police arrested everyone.


The party was unhappy in jail. They spent a week cooling their heels there, but in the end everyone agreed to pay a fine and do some volunteer work for the police. Jury Ness published the video and got the scoop, leading to a great promotion. Lady Galavar was disgraced and her husband divorced her. Councilman Galavar spun his way out of any accusations that were made, although in the process his reputation was severely damaged.

No payment was made, as Lady Galavar was indisposed and disgraced. The party later learned that Drakkar Ferr made a large payment to get out of prison and rebooted his career with a million credit contract. The party paid their fines and got out a week later.