NPC Profiles

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Note: skills for the above NPCs are predicated on “A Skilled Frontier” Star Frontiersman #9 and “Spacer Skills Revisited” Star Frontiersman#10. The agricultural skill listed for Mim and Barlo is simply a catch all farming skill if there is a need for it

Captain Kleevor CFM

Ifshnit Male  Age 80

STR/STA: 45/45 INT/LOG: 40/40

DEX/RS: 35/35 PER/LDR: 30/35

PS: +3, IM +4

Beam Weapons(3), Technician(4),

Computers(3), Starship Piloting(4),


Kleevor started out as a cabin boy in the CFM and rose to ownership of his own ship. He’s faced the sathar and holds a reserve commission in the Rim Coalition’s Flight and the Venture can (though unlikely) be activated for merchant marine missions by the Flight and its treaty ally Space Fleet.

He’s loyal and protective of his crew and has a relaxed leadership style. One ritual he has is an almost daily meal with the whole crew to build a sense of family.  He takes seriously threats against his ship and crew and will respond with extreme prejudice.


Human male Age: 14

STR/STA: 20/25 INT/LOG: 40/40

DEX/RS: 35/35 PER/LDR: 30/30

PS: +1, IM +4


Robcom toolkit, vibro knife

Keyvan is a dreamer and robotics nut. His family has been wiped out by the Lucky Devil pirates leaving him just his older half sister. He’s impressionable and will likely become attached and overly helpful to the player characters.

Mim James

Human female Age: 28

STR/STA: 30/30 INT/LOG: 40/40

DEX/RS: 35/35 PER/LDR: 40/40

PS: +2, IM +4

Medic(1) Agriculture(1)

Med kit

Mim is the half-sister of Keyvan and the wife of Barlo James. She has the air of an old soul, seeming wise beyond her years. She’s committed to starting a family and founding a community on Lossend with Barlo.

Barlo James

Human Male  Age 38

STR/STA: 20/25 INT/LOG: 40/40

DEX/RS: 35/35 PER/LDR: 50/50

PS: +1, IM +4

Melee(1), Agriculture(2), Projectile Weapons(1)

Vibro knife, magni-goggles

Barlo has dreamed of having a farm of his own since a youth. He’s gathered other like-minded men and women, obtained property rights to an old PGC mercenary base and scraped together a shoe string budget to found Barlo’s Post. 


Human Male  Age 45

STR/STA: 50/50 INT/LOG: 35/40

DEX/RS: 60/40 PER/LDR: 45/45

PS: +3, IM +4

Beam(3), Computers(3), Technician(4),

Melee weapons(3), Starship piloting(3)

Skein suit, albedo screen, power belt, laser rifle, sonic sword, four 20 SEU clips

Ramirez is a tough, personable bandit. He’s been with the Lucky Devil pirates a short time having risen to command one of their ships in that time largely on the strength of his personality. He’s mindful of the need to continually prove himself to maintain his position. Failure here in Timeon could cause him to be replaced and he fears that possibility so he will act ruthless.