Mooks Without Number - Part 3

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by Tom Verreault

Part 3 – Vengeance Served Cold

In the months since the CFMS Venture had its layover on Laco; Star Law, Space Fleet, and militia forces have been able to round up the bulk of the Lucky Devil pirates with information recovered by the player characters (PCs).  Any munitions and equipment used from the ship's armory has been replaced and the Venture has made numerous uneventful cargo runs around the Frontier. The PCs are settling in to their new job and are fast becoming experienced spacers in the employ of the Capellan Free Merchants.

For the full effect of the pirates seemingly springing back out of nowhere, it is recommended that the referee play out one or more sessions of making the routine cargo runs with minor side adventures that don't involve the Lucky Devil Pirates and providing news updates about their capture.  While not necessary, these intervening sessions would help get the players' minds off the pirates and make their reappearance that much more of a surprise.

The Venture has a quick run to the Dramune system with a higher than normal pay out for quickly delivered combat robots for one crime lord to use against another. Even though the robots and equipment is destined for Outer Reach, the Venture and crew will transship them at Inner Reach so this run should be relatively quiet and safe.  As per Captain Kleevor’s habit, the crew is sitting down together for a meal just after arrival in Dramune system.