Mission Briefing

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A security breach at the Dralasite Savings & Loan corporate office was tracked to the crew of the pirate ship Albatross. The stolen data is the vault security schematics to hundreds of bank vaults across the Frontier. Your primary mission is to recover the data and apprehend the thief, Lady Cassen Mcgee. She is also the ship’s captain and Star Law wants her alive, but the other members of the crew can be brought in dead or alive as the situation warrants.

Suspect Bios

Lady Cassen McGee

Captain of the Albatross & pilot

Human female

RS 45, STA 45

RW 53, M43, PS 3, IM 5

Beam 3, Tech 6, Comp 3, Starship Piloting 2, Martial arts 2

Skein suit, laser pistol, 4 SEU clips, power belt, albedo screen, Robcom tool kit, chronocom

Notes: Lady Cassen is an independent pirate not affiliated with any pirate band which makes it a mystery as to how she came into possession of an assault scout. She maintains good relations with the powers that be on Outer Reach but the reality is that she is more of a thief and a smuggler than a pirate.

Svidge aka Savage Monkey

Ship’s engineer

Yazirian male (Gliding, Battle Rage 20%)

RS 50, STA 35

RW 45, M38, PS 2, IM 5

Technician 6, Robotics 2, Melee 2, Thrown Weapons 2

Skein suit, Kah’dan honor sword (treat as sword), Zamra throwing blade, Technician’s tool kit, chronocom

Notes: Savage Monkey is a sociopath and sadist. He enjoys torturing people that cannot fight back. He’s competent as an engineer but he is considered crazy.

XXX, aka Triple X, aka Trip

Ship’s astrogator

Vrusk male (ambidextrous, comprehension 15%)

RS 45, STA 45

RW 53, M43, PS 3, IM 5

Beam 1, Comp 6, Astrogation 2, Melee 1

Skein suit, sonic stunner, power belt, inertia screen, vibro knife 1 SEU clip, Robcom tool kit, polyvox, chronocom

Notes: XXX is inscrutable and not very talkative. He’s hiding from his past and his secret could be anything as he’s not talking about it.

Old Bill Yeager

Ship’s energy weapon gunner

Human male

RS 45, STA 45

RW 83, M33, PS 3, IM 5

Beam 6, Energy Weapons 2, Melee 1

Skein suit, sonic stunner, power belt, inertia screen, vibro knife 1 SEU clip, chronocom

Notes: Bill’s been with the Albatross a long time. He is a petty thief and Lady Cassen has been forced to replace dead crew that objected to his stealing from them.

Marlo Musket Mouth

Ship’s rocket gunner

Dralasite male (4 limbs total, lie detection 5%)

RS 40, STA 50

RW 40, M35, PS 3, IM 4

Gyro Weapons 2, Projectile 4, Starship Rocket Weapons 1, Melee 1

Skein suit, Needler pistol, 2 clips, cutlass (sword), flint lock pistol, 20 shot and powder., chronocom

Notes: Marlo plays the part of pirate to the hilt. He wears an eye patch, says, “Arrhh” every other sentence, and carries a flint lock pistol with shot and powder. He always shoots first with the flint lock before switching to more modern weaponry. His flint lock pistol has shorter range then a musket but the other stats are the same and in the close quarters of the ship the range is immaterial.