Landfleet Surplus (Under Construction)

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by Tom Verreault

When your character is short on credits or there is not a local Pan Galactic Showroom close at hand, a trip to the local LandFleet Surplus Store may be just the thing you need.

Web Belt

Web belts come in black, gray, olive drab, khaki, white and many camouflage variants and have been issued by numerous militaries and mercenary outfits the Frontier over. The belt is a customizable design that will support numerous bits of attached equipment like canteens, trenching tools, ammo pouches and etc. The design is old but it has had surprising longevity particularly among planetary militia forces. Color and condition varies.

Cost: 5 Cr.


Plastic canteens hold 1 liter (1 kg) and generally come in olive drab, khaki or black. They can be found with or without the canvas cover to attach it to a web belt.

New: 2 Cr (3 Cr with cover)

Used: 1 Cr (with cover 2 Cr)

Ammo pouches

The most popular style is a double pouch designed to hold two ammo clips. However, due to the fact that various ammo clips are different sizes the double pouch can hold 4 bullet clips instead of two power, gyrojet or needler clips. Common colors are black, olive drab, khaki or camouflage.

Cost: 2 Cr.

Surplus Skein Suits

These are standard skein suits that may be new or used. Condition varies and to simulate this roll 2d10-5 pts of damage to the suit. When buying a surplus skein suit make an INT check to pick the best available in your size. A passed INT check lowers the damage to the suit by another 5 pts. Despite the poor quality of some of the suits the price is hard to beat.

Cost:  200 Cr

Surplus Weapons

Not all surplus stores sell weapons depending on the local laws. Those that do have picked up surplus firearms at a discount but the stores are also trying to make a profit. Thus any savings on a surplus weapon is only slight, 5% but a successful PER check gains a 10% discount. (See referee for availability and prices).

Entrenching Tool

The “E tool” is a metal and polyplate tri fold tool. When its blade is sharpened it can chop through skin and bone. The E tool saw use as a weapon in close quarters combat during the First Sathar War. The First Sathar War models were single fold and heavier but have turned out to be very collectable by collectors of military memorabilia. Condition varies and many are missing their canvas cover.

Newer tri fold model: 15 Cr (17 Cr with cover) .5 kg,

Older First Sathar War model: 25 Cr (30 Cr with cover) 1 kg. Damage 2d10 (sharpened), 1d10 (blunt).

Battle Field Bracer

(First Sathar War era) The bracer is made of metal and plastic and straps to either forearm. It has an integral chronocom, compass, toxy rad gauge and a flashlight that shines over the back of the hand. There is also a flip up lid with clips underneath that was designed to hold a plasti-paper map. It became popular to modify the bracer in the field. The two most common modifications were to disable the light on the toxy-rad gauge (to prevent it from giving away the wearer’s position) and to replace the integral flashlight with a knife sheath.

Cost:  135 Cr,  Weight: .5 kg.

Battle Field Bracer and Helmet

(Second Sathar War Era)  This bracer is high impact poly plate construction and can be integrated into a suit of polyplate armor but was more commonly worn with a skein suit. The bracer was designed as a specialized battlefield body comp. It’s composed of a specially designed power pack with Audio-Act, Calc-All, Comp-Talk, Dis-Vis, Helm-Link and Map-Calc progits. The progits cannot be changed as they were manufactured into the bracer. These progits allow the body comp and the user to talk back and forth, they put at the user’s disposal a high speed complex calculator and a mapping program and everything is processed through the microphone and monocle of the combat helmet. The helmet comes with an integrated chronocom and magnigogglies. Due to the fact that the body comp can’t be changed or modified the demand for these is low and they are priced accordingly. 

Cost:  2,000, Weight: 1kg.