Forging Fighters

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by Daniel R. "Delta" Collins

Editor’s note: Daniel does a series of articles on his blog, Delta’s D&D Hotspot, entitled SciFi Saturday.  For every Saturday of 2013 he did an article about the Star Frontiers Knight Hawks game covering various topics from rules variations, to sample games, to analysis of various features of the game.  But a lot of what he talked about was miniatures – their assembly, creation, and painting.  This article originally appeared as three blog posts in August of 2013.  I liked them so much I asked him for permission to reprint them there, to which he graciously agreed.  I strongly recommend you check out his blog for the original articles containing the full sized images and all his other articles both Star Frontiers and D&D related.

This article was compiled from a series of blog posts on Daniel's site. Go there to get the writeup and images.  Here are the links to his posts:

SciFi Saturday – Forging Fighters, Pt. 1

SciFi Saturday – Forging Fighters, Pt. 2

SciFi Saturday – Forging Fighters, Pt. 3