Eorna Lunar Defense Battery

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By Jim Young

Hidden in the mountains on one of the moons of Volturnus, a forgotten defense battery could hold the key to survival for the Eorna race. Taken by subterfuge over 900 years ago in the weeks prior to the “Day of Doom”, the base originally had powerful defensive weapons, and a squadron of Eorna fighters. Can the adventurers restore the base before the Sathar return to finish the job?


Last issue, I submitted a location entitled “Eorna Defense Installation” as an optional storyline for the Volturnus series of adventures. The storyline takes artistic license with the canon material and is covered in detail on the Starfrontiers.us site in the Volturnus Revisited project. The location for this issue is another defense installation located on one of the moons of Volturnus. The technology and architecture used in this location is identical to that of the destroyed base submitted last issue.

In my campaign setting this base was taken by Sathar spies prior to the invasion of the system by the fleet on the “Day of Doom” over 900 years prior to the adventure series. It was therefore intact as the PCs were preparing for the arrival of the Sathar attack fleet in the “Battle of Volturnus”. We used the weapons in the installation and also the fighters that were found in the hangar to supplement the original adventures with some Knight Hawks scenarios. These maps could be used for a number of generic locations such as a pirate or Sathar base as the referee chooses.

Location Descriptions

The Surface Batteries

The batteries are individually controlled by a position on Level 1 – Battery Control. The type of weapon housed in each turret and its structural integrity is left to the discretion of the referee.

Level 1: Battery Control

Each of the four surface batteries is controlled by a control room on this level. The four batteries can be linked together to fire from one position as well. Each of the four gunnery stations has a large console which houses the controls and its own separate computer. A holographic targeting display projects up from the center of each console.A storage locker with space suits, arms and equipment sits in the central corner of each room. In the far corners are four crystals that serve to light and heat the rooms. The elevator in the center of the level has a security lockout separating it from the rest of the base when the batteries are active. Only authorized personnel can enter this level during those times.

Level 2: Barracks

1. Billets: These three rooms serve as the barracks for the crew. Four beds and lockers occupy the far wall. In each of the far corners, two crystals serve to light and heat the room. In the central corner of each room is a lavatory.

2. Mess: This room serves as the dining hall for the crew. Two large tables with special seating for the Eorna fill the far wall. Each of the far corners has two crystals for light and heat. In the central corner is an automated food and beverage dispensary. 

Level 3: Hangar

1. Entrance: A large tunnel over 500 meters long leads from the surface to the base entrance. Two heavy laser turrets guard the massive reinforced doors that lead into the main hangar.

2. Hangar: This large area stores six Eorna heavy fighters [Ed Note: The fighters are described in the article on page 13] and extra fuel and ammunition for each. The large bulkheads on the east wall serve as the airlock to the remainder of the facility.

3. Computer Core/Robot Storage: The main computers for the entire facility are located here as are the charging stations for the facility's maintenance robots

4. Storage: This large area is storage for the entire base. Weapons, space suits, equipment and provisions are all stored in the lockers and chests in this area.

5. Reactors: The main reactors for the base, including those which power the defense batteries are located here.