From the Editors

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Welcome back explorers!

Whether this is your first issue or you’ve been with us for a while, we’re glad you’re here and hope you like what you find.

This issue brings us some new authors who I think we’ll see more of in future issues.  Daniel “Delta” Collins is a blogger (Delta’s D&D Hotspot) who has spent the last year doing a weekly entry on Star Frontiers.  I was especially captivated by his entries on creating miniatures.  He’s given us permission to reprint one of those articles here.  Be sure to check out his blog to get all the others.  It will be well worth your time.

Jason Combes(sp here and in the article) is an active member of the Star Frontiers community at  He cranks out new ships, new adventures, and new material faster than we could possibly hope to print it.  In this issue we present his article on new UPF fighters.  Come join us on-line to enjoy even more of his creations.

I’m always amazed at how each issue of the magazine comes together.  This time around we ended up with an issue mostly focused on fighters.  That wasn’t the way it was planned, it just seemed to happen.  In fact, we had originally wanted to have a water theme for this issue but it just didn’t pan out.  Maybe in a future issue.

I’m also always surprised that we manage to fill each issue so completely.  When we first started this project we set a cap at 45 pages of content based on how we wanted to make our print versions available.  But truth be told, I figured that we’d typically be putting out only 20-30 pages in each issue.  This is our smallest issue yet and it’s 41 pages long.

I think it is truly a testament to the community that we’ve been able to keep each issue full.  The authors and artists who have contributed are really what make this possible.  Thank you and keep up the great work.  And if you haven’t submitted anything yet but have ideas or material you would like to share, please visit the magazine’s website and do so.  The only requirements are that it should be science fiction and gaming or fiction related and be your original work.

Thanks for joining with use once again and we look forward to bringing you more great content in the coming year.  As always have fun and keep exploring!

- Tom Stephens

Senior Editor