From the Editors

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Welcome back explorers!

I’d like to start with a huge Thank You! to everyone who donated to the Frontier Explorer through the “pay what you want” option on the Frontier Explorer Presents special issue of the Sathar Destroyer Technical Manual.  The response was much greater than I was anticipating.

If you’d like to see more material like the sathar destroyer deck plans in that special issue, be sure to let us know.  I had a lot of fun putting that together and would be happy to do more if there is a demand for it.

Once again, thanks to everyone who donated.  The proceeds will be used to keep the website running, acquire art for use in the magazine, and any other projects we dream up to make more great content available.

This issue brings a variety of topics ranging from a new race, to using volcanos in your setting, to new starships.  We also introduce a couple of new features that you’ll see appearing regularly in future issues of the Frontier Explorer.

One new feature is a comic by Scott Mulder, the creator of the Grymz Guide to Galactic Conquest comic that has graced our back cover from issue 1.  The comic, Titian Rising: 2299 is part of his Titan Rising universe.  The second is the on-going adventures of Alex Stone as he visits various locations around the Frontier.  Alex’s first reports appeared in the Star Frontiersman magazine but with the winding down of that publication’s production, he has begun to submit reports to the Frontier Explorer.

This issue also includes the second of a series of articles on converting Star Frontiers for use in the Stars Without Number game system.  This issue’s article covers character creation.  Look for conversions of other aspects in future issues.

You may notice that this issue is a little smaller than the previous ones.  That is completely my fault.  I had planned to have a couple of other articles written but they fell through as my wife and I had a baby boy (our 7th child and 5th son) in March.  Needless to say that took up a big chunk of my time right when we were starting to put this issue together.  There were other articles we could have possibly dropped into the magazine but I didn’t feel they were quite ready to go yet and so I decided to go with a slightly smaller issue. 

As always have fun and keep exploring!

- Tom Stephens

  Senior Editor