From the Editors

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Welcome to issue 3.  As you probably noticed from the list of articles, this issue of the Frontier Explorer has a strong robotics theme.  We were really excited and honored to get permission from Ali Ries to use one of her images as the cover and couldn't pass up the opportunity to center the issue on the topic of her picture.

In this issue we have articles exploring the robotics skill, how to use a robot's functions, missions, and programs in game, as well as several articles that provide descriptions and statistics on new robots to add to your game.  Finally, we have the conclusion of the Mooks Without Number adventure that has a strong robotic component.  Dive in and immerse yourself in robotics.

As part of the conclusion to the Mooks Without Number adventure, this issue contains the complete set of deck plans for the PC's ship, the CFMS Venture.  We also have an alternate version of the defense battery location provided in issue 2.  This one is a bit more intact and comes with a new ship as well.

One final item I'd like to call your attention to in this issue is the number of different artists we have images from.  In addition to our wonderful cover artist, we have images from several other talented artists around the world.  Each of their art pieces are linked to their web sites or Deviant Art profiles.  We encourage you to take a moment to follow the links and give them feedback on their work and let them know where you first saw it.  Positive feedback from the readers helps us continue to get great art to fill the pages of the magazine.

We continue to be amazed at the size of our readership and the sheer number of downloads of the magazine.  We want to thank everyone for their support.  We hope you enjoy this issue as much as previous ones.

Keep exploring.

- Tom Stephens

  Founding Editor