E-1A Eorna Heavy Fighter

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by Richard "Shadow Shack" Rose

The E-1A is an Eorna Heavy Fighter design from before the "Day of Doom".  These fighters saw action against the invading Sathar forces.  All were thought lost until a squadron of them was discovered in a lost defense battery installation on one of Volturnus's Moons.

Ship Statistics

HS: 2
HP:  12
ADF:  5
MR:  4
DCR:  40
Crew:  3-4
Armament:  FFR(x4), LT
Defenses:  RH
Powerplant: 2 sub-atomic A (jump governor installed)
Comm/Detection: Subspace Radio, Radar, Intercom
Misc Equipment: Streamlined, Light Armor
Cargo Capacity: 0
Crew Accommodations: 3 command chairs (optional 4th chair for a rocket gunnery assistant on the bridge)
Ship's Vehicles:none
Computer:  Alarm (2), Analysis (2), Astrogation (2), Computer Lockout (2), Computer Security (3), Damage Control (2), Drive: Atomic A (4), Forward Firing Rocket (2), Industry (1), Information Storage (1), Installation Security (3), Laser Battery (1), Life Support (1), Maintenance (2)

Deck Descriptions

Deck 1: Bridge

The helm is inverted 90º.  A secondary command chair can be added to the starboard side (opposite of the hatch) for a rocket gunner to assist with the forward firing rockets.

Deck 2: Gunnery

Controls for the fighter's laser turret are here, along with a small galley for crew dining as well as a fresher on the starboard side.

Deck 3: Maintenance

An engineer may coordinate repairs from this station, as well as monitoring the drives. The hatch leads to an airlock below, where the outer hull hatch is located. Space suits can be stowed near the shielded port drive bulkhead when not in use.

New Weapons

The E-1A has a few weapons not covered by the standard Knight Hawks rules.  The descriptions of these weapons are below:

Forward Firing Rockets (FFR)

Simply put, the FFR is a set of fixed launchers similar to those found on a Rocket Battery, but instead of having a 360º field of fire they are forward firing weapons. Damage Table Modifiers are as a RB system (-10), 2d10 damage and a range of 40,000km (four hexes), treat as an assault rocket for the resolution with no head on bonuses. Restrictions are FF, MPO, LTD.

Laser Turret (LT)

The laser turret is smaller scale version of a Laser Battery. Treat as a LB in all respects except that it only has a range of 40,000km (four hexes).