Dr. Mento’s Psychic Equipment

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by Tom Verreault

Dr. Mento’s Shop of Psychic Equipment is a hard to find shop in the Minizii Market. He uses a changing front business as camouflage and does not openly advertise. Still, for those in the know the shop can be found.

Dr. Mento specializes in psycho-tronic equipment built to enhance or block psychic powers. His inventory is ever changing: some items are one of a kind. All one needs is a large credit balance and the right passphrase while visiting the front. A response of “one must think well before making such a purchase,” will result in an invitation to look at some items in the back of the shop where the real Dr. Mento will offer the psycho-tronic devices.

As with all items in the Minzii marketplace, there is only a value and not a price. One must haggle with the merchants to complete a sale.

Mental Shield Helm

This device blocks telepathy and mind reading. It also confers a +10 bonus against attempts to hypnotize and a -5 penalty to the LDR ability score due to its ridiculous appearance. It looks like a costume or holovid prop and wearing it could bring a question like, “Who are you supposed to be? A mad scientist trying to get back to the future?”  This item might actually be the prototype and not one of the limited production run helms and if it is, the penalty to the LDR ability score is -10.

Prototype Value: 5000 Cr.  Mass: 1kg

Production helm value: 1000 Cr.  Mass: n/a

Psychic Screen

This is another iteration of the ubiquitous defensive screen technology in the Frontier. Like all defensive screens it won’t operate while another screen is in operation. The screen flashes green when mentalism energies are directed at the wearer and it absorbs those energies negating their effects. The screen requires 1 SEU of energy for every minute it is on and 5 SEU for every level of Mentalism skill being used in the event where mentalism energies are directed at the person wearing the screen.

Value: 5000 Cr.   Mass: 2kg.

Mind Reading Helm

Stolen from a secret corporate or government lab this item is actually quite “hot”.  It’s a bulky chair with a descending head piece and must be installed somewhere like an appliance (possibly on a ship or at a base). The helm will tell its operators if the occupant is telling the truth for 3-6 questions or it can be used to force the occupant to reveal the truth about one question (i.e. “Where is the location of your rebel base?”).  After this the occupant develops a nose bleed and severe headache such that any further questioning is fruitless for 1 GST day or 20 hours. The device will use 50 SEU for one questioning session.

Value: 25000 Cr.   Mass: 100 kg

Psi-Beam Emitter

This is a worn device and usually resembles a bracer on the arm. A character with a mentalist discipline that has a listed “Limit” to its use can apply a “use” of that discipline to power the device which then acts as the mentalist discipline Beam. Example: the Confusion discipline has a limit of 2 successful uses per day per level and a character with this discipline and this device may use one of those uses to power the device to produce a beam attack as per the Beam discipline. The attack will do 4d10 damage.  If you are not using the Zeb’s Guide resolution mechanic, this damage is not curable with surgery but a StimDose can be used to restore 10 STA.

Value: 8000 Cr.  Mass: n/a

Synapse Enhancement Diadem

Usually called a psi-diadem, this item boosts the LOG attribute of a mentalist or enlightened character by +5. Agents of the Clear Thinkers cadre will recognize it automatically and this should trigger a response from them against the wearer.

Value: 1000 Cr.  Mass:  n/a

Psychic Power Cells

These devices come in a shape and size similar to a power backpack and power belt. They allow the wearer to use mentalism energies to charge the power cells with SEU for use with normal electronic devices. Like the Psi Beam Emitter the user must have a mentalism discipline with a limit to its use and for each use of that discipline the mentalist can charge the power cells with 4d10 SEU.

Belt- Value: 750 Cr.  Mass: 4 kg

Backpack- Value: 1500 Cr.  Mass: 10kg