Bokar (Under Construction)

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by Tom Verreault

Author’s Note: Special thanks are due the Star Frontiers community for the collaborative effort in developing this alien species on the forums. In particular: bossmoss, Jaxon, Tchklinxa, and Sargonarhes.

Physical Appearance and Structure

Bokar are a hairless humanoid of little more than 1 meter height. Their skin color is yellow to brown. They have long lanky arms, heavy protruding collar bones, and solid black eyes.


Most Bokar senses are comparable to human senses. However their sense of smell and hearing are more acute and their eyesight is weaker.


Bokar speak by forcing air from their lungs through a larynx but also employ their nasal passages in making hoots and honks. It’s believed that these hoots and honks have distinct functions during communication but experts have not discovered what that might be and the Bokar have declined to explain them. A conversation with a Bokar is frequently punctuated with hoots and honks and the occasional spray of nasal mucus.

Society and Customs

The basic building block of their society is the guild. A ship’s crew or a small business enterprise is a guild. Most guilds are all male and divided into two castes. The Ouway caste is made up of pilots, navigators, administration types and handles business outside of the guild. The Jineer caste is made up of technicians and laborers and handles all business within the guild. The head of the Ouway caste is always the ship’s captain or business owner and the head of the Jineer caste is always his second in command.

Bokar society is decentralized and each guild educates its members internally through an apprentice system. New members of the guild are bartered for with the all-female brothel/temple guild. The madam/priestess bokar is well schooled in the arts of sexuality and desire and flirts rapaciously with bokar captains and business leaders while rarely indulging them to keep them constantly wanting more. The females are the lore keepers, historians and peacemakers. No bokar captain or leader can defy them without suffering severe consequences like being barred from the brothel/temple or denied replacements for their crew.

Tom Verreault

There is a chattel caste for slaves of any species and females sold out of the brothel/temple as punishment. Female bokar that are sold to all-male guilds don’t live long with most of them taking their lives. The chattel caste is subjected to the worst abuse.

Bokar are wholly untrustworthy and willing to double deal with anyone not of their guild. It’s rumored that they even deal with the sathar even though it’s also rumored that the sathar destroyed their home planet forcing them to scatter among the stars.


Due to the strict segregation of their society most low level bokar fantasize, obsess, and dream of a trip to the brothel/temple to worship. They find UPF ships with females on them odd and their obsession with females makes them crude and rude when in contact with Frontier society. More than once a lower level bokar has snuck onto a UPF ship to find the orgy he was sure was going on.

Bokar see everyone as a mark and only respect those with the power to force them. Written contracts mean nothing to them. They are notorious scavengers and see nothing wrong with getting into the workings of a station and taking parts and equipment that looks of use to them.

Special Abilities

Immunity to Hypnotism

Tom Verreault

Bokar are immune to all forms of hypnotism including that employed by the sathar. They cannot be dominated by the sathar in this manner though the worms can easily appeal to their greed to gain compliance.

Difficult to Surprise

The Bokar's acute sense of smell and hearing make it extremely difficult to surprise them. It’s said they can smell danger brewing. All Bokar gain a +1 to their initiative modifier and a +5 bonus to any percentile rolls involving surprise that the referee feels is appropriate.

Two Hearts

Their internal structure means that they may not be rendered unconscious at 0 STA. 50% of the time a bokar is reduced to 0 STA may continue to function normally till death occurs at -10 STA.

Physical Norms

Average Size: 1.2 m tall

Average Mass: 35 kg

Average Lifespan: 70 years

Reproductive System: hetrosexual, viviparous

Body Temperature: 39 C


Ability Score Modifiers

-5 STR, -5 PER, +5 DEX, +5 RS

Star Law Preliminary Investigation of Bokar

  • One ship’s captain claimed the sathar destroyed their home world, others vehemently deny this and lower level bokar seem ignorant as to the fate of their homeworld. To date no bokar has shared the location of their home system.
  • Bokar ships seem old and patch work with the appearance of being maintained for decades if not generations.
  • Bokar technology is mostly on par with that of the Frontier at about the time of First Sathar War. They use body armor like skiensuits and projectile weapons but have quickly traded for beam weapons and defenses.

Author’s Note: The Bokar were inspired by miniatures produced by Hassle Free Miniatures. This means players that use miniatures can obtain them for these characters in the Sci-Fi Aliens line at

Evidence indicates a willingness to participate in piracy and the slave trade.

  • They may have hidden outposts in uncharted systems surrounding the Frontier sector.


Evidence and rumor suggests that they can and do trade with the sathar.