The Albatross

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by Tom Verreault


The Albatross encounter is a solo mini adventure.  You, the player character, are an undercover Star Law Deputy. Your assignment was to infiltrate the pirate crew of the Albatross, recover stolen vault schematics on hundreds of Dralasite Savings and Loan vaults and apprehend the Albatross’s captain. You were successful in infiltrating the crew but your cover was blown and you were shot with a stunner from behind. You woke up stripped to your skein suit and locked in a cargo container just big enough to hold your body. 

It was impossible to tell the passage of time while in the cargo container and the only events to relieve the monotony of imprisonment and the isolation of sensory deprivation were the periodic banging on the side of the container with a tool by the ship’s engineer to taunt you. One such taunting incident was interrupted with an alarm klaxon and then followed with several shudders that rocked the ship. Shortly after that the ship was buffeted from a rough descent through an atmosphere which ended with a hard impact that threw the cargo container across the compartment and cracked its casing. The violence of this was enough to cause a black out for a few seconds. 

You hear water entering the compartment but you are not free from the cargo container. The crack in the container is substantial.  Perhaps you can break it open or fatigue the material enough to squeeze out.

Encounter Requirements

To play this encounter you will need access to the Alpha Dawn rule book, possibly the Knight Hawks rule book for equipment descriptions, an Alpha Dawn character sheet, and the assault scout deck plans from the Knight Hawks box set or this issue of the Frontier Explorer.

The sections below describe the various parts of the adventure.