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Cutting a hole in the ship’s hull causes it to sink twice as fast. This is the reason that the captain didn’t cut a hole in the hull herself as she was waiting for crew members to come forward. When deck 1 fills completely with water the ship will sink beneath the surface.

If the player character makes it out of the ship before it sinks and swims away from it for two turns he will not be affected by the under tow of the sinking ship. If he is on the ship’s hull or has not swum away from it they he must make a STR check to resist being sucked under.

Unbeknownst to the player character, he is on Lossend, a light population world. The Lossend Rangers noted the crash of the ship in a remote area of the planet and dispatched search teams. Unfortunately, it will take time for them to reach the vicinity of the crash and to locate any survivors. This impacts the player character if he is not a dralasite that can inflate his body with air and float almost indefinitely. A character can swim for 1 hour but then loses 5 STA per 30 minutes of swimming past that.

The time till the arrival of the search teams is 1d10 hours. If the player character has issued maydays this will help the Lossend Rangers locate him. Multiply the number of turns the player character spent issuing maydays over the radio by 1 hour and subtract this from the total time till the Rangers arrive.

If he manages to recover the stolen data and survive he will receive a commendation. There many other clues that will lead to the leak that got him shot and stuffed into a cargo container as well as the buyer on Minotaur. Discovering this data is bonus to completing the mission.