From the Editors

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Welcome to the second issue of the Frontier Explorer!  We have been amazed at the response issue one received.  With over 500 downloads in the first two weeks, and over 1000 in the first two months, the number of you reading this is much larger than we had dared dream possible for our first issue.  Needless to say we are humbled by this amazing response.

In addition to the large number of readers, we've already had several submissions from the community, another milestone we hadn't expect to achieve until sometime after issue three or four.  You'll find some of these submissions in this issue.  Others will be coming out in future issues.  To those of you who have submitted articles and art: Thank you.  It is your support that makes all this possible.  To those of you considering a submission:  Go for it! We'd love to print your material as well and we'll help you make it the best it can be.

In keeping with the spirit of the 30th anniversary year for Star Frontiers, this issue contains summaries of some Star Frontiers gaming conventions held back in 1999 that included interviews with two of the games original designers: Lawrence Schick and Kim Eastland.  These transcripts provide insight into the philosophies that went into the game's development.

Finally, I'd like to say a few words about the print edition of the magazine.  It took us about a month to work out the details of creating the print edition and understanding the additional workflow, as well as time, required to get the print edition ready and through the screening process of our print publisher.  We learned a lot, including helping DriveThruRPG discover a "feature" of their print submission process.  But in the end it was completely worth it.  The print edition of issue one is beautiful and provides the Town Map from the Mooks Without Number adventure as the center page that can be removed and used with counters on your gaming table.  It is our goal that future issues (including this one) will have the print edition available when we release the electronic edition.   If you want to order a print copy, jump over to our product pages at DriveThruRPG.

Now turn the page and dive back into the Frontier and remember to always continue exploring.

- Tom Stephens