Conspiracy Theories

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by Phillip Campanaro

When beginning to write a campaign or adventure, it generally starts with one idea which is the main theme. What follows is intended to present some themes or background ideas for campaigns or adventures. Remember just because you’re paraniod doesn’t mean they aren’t out to get you.




Welcome fellow believer, you have found the TRUTH not only the TRUTH, but the one source for the TRUTH in the entire Frontier. The UPF, Star Law, Spacefleet, Landfleet, the Megacorps, the News Media, the Planetary Governments; none of them will tell you the TRUTH because they are all part of the LIE. But here my fellow believers you will be told the one and only TRUTH about everything.

This week we show how two of the greatest threats to the TRUTH out there are working together to keep all of us in the LIE. That’s right Believers; today we shine the light and show the TRUTH about how the Sathar and the Megacorps are working together.

Pan-Galactic Corporation

Sathar With Pan Galactic Logo - by Tom Verreault

The Sathar have always been a mystery to the races of the Frontier. Why do they come and attack, why do they not surrender, what are their goals? We here have of course presented you with much of the TRUTH but there is one group who knows that whole TRUTH about the Sathar and they are not sharing.

PGC was once the undisputed leader of the Megacorps. Then they not only fell, but gave up many of their core industries and devoted themselves to some strange new ones. All of this started after PGC investigated some Tetrach ruins. It was there PGC found everything they needed to learn the TRUTH about the Sathar. It was this TRUTH that made them drop everything, change leadership and begin more extensive digs and exploration. Now you ask, what is this TRUTH?

Well we have not yet learned that but we have some theories:

1)      The Sathar have an enemy which can defeat them and PGC is seeking them out.

2)      The Sathar are not the true threat. There is a greater threat which must be dealt with. PGC is seeking the location of this new threat.

3)      Long ago the Sathar were defeated by another race. PGC is seeking out that race and the means with which they defeated our great enemy.

Streel Corporation

Streel Logo - small

Our friends at Streel had the quickest rise of any Megacorp. Many beings put this down to the hard driving attitude of Hilo Headow and his possibly illegal actions. The TRUTH is Streel has the backing of the Sathar which allows them more freedom of action than other Megacorps, as long as they do their masters’ bidding. It was during the battle for Truane’s Star that the Sathar somehow got to Hilo Headow and somehow convinced him to be their prime contact in the Frontier. What do the Sathar want with Streel? The Truth is the First Sathar War was nothing but a recon-in-force action. The Sathar then left behind numerous deep cover agents to make the UPF ready for their real push to take the Frontier. Hilo Headow and Streel just happen to be their most successful. But what do they need or use Streel for? Well we have not yet learned that but we have some theories:

1)      The Sathar have Streel learn and steal secrets for them with numerous beings not knowing it is all going to the Sathar.

2)      The Sathar are not very resource rich because they are a space wandering race. They use Streel to provide for their needs and fuel their war machine

3)      Hilo Headow has made a deal with the Sathar to become Emperor of the Frontier after the Sathar take over.

Galactic Task Force Incorporated

Security guards, secretaries, line workers, and other low level employees are looked down upon or just ignored by about everyone. They are so much a part of the background that they are seldom ever seen. This makes them the perfect spies and shock troops in the next invasion. The horrifying truth is the majority of the GTF employees do not even now they are working for the Sathar. They just try and do their jobs and make their reports and keep the surveillance going – not knowing where all that surveillance is actually being sent. But this information is just what the Sathar need to find the TRUTH. Now you ask, what is this TRUTH? Well we have not yet learned that but we have some theories:

1)      The Sathar gather and review all this surveillance to learn all they can from it. They do this in large collection centers where GTF employees search out keywords and themes their Sathar masters tell them to look for.

2)      While Merco fight battles everywhere outside the Frontier, the Sathar are positioning .GTF employees inside key positions to destroy the Frontier at the ground level.

3)      GTF is using their connection with the Sathar to make an end run around the Sathar. They are preparing their “special” clients to be ready while letting others (those not paying GTF) be ruined.


They own the space lanes. They take beings and cargo everywhere. They are the trusted face of space travel. Yet not everything or everyone seems to arrive when and where it is supposed to. What happens to all this not only lost luggage but lost passengers, cargo and entire ships? Trans Travel might not know but the Sathar do. Now you ask, what is this TRUTH? Well we have not yet learned that but we have some theories:

1)      Trans Travel has numerous duplicate ships. This lets them have one ship vanish and report with whatever it is carrying to their Sathar masters, while the other arrives at the destination.

2)      A Trans Travel ship can innocently sit in orbit for a couple of weeks without a second look from anyone, even if they are orbiting a military installation, key industrial park, governmental building, important scientific conference, or females of the Frontier party bus trip.

3)      Trans Travel never retires a ship. They just take them out and put them in orbit around a nearby planet. No one really knows what is on that planet. Trans Travel says maintenance and salvage crews NOT a Sathar invasion force, refitting the ships to take over the Frontier.

Synthetics Corporation

No one is sure exactly how much of the food eaten in the Frontier is provided by Synco but it is a whole lot of calories. Now if you can’t trust what you are getting from the local McKing Bugger Joint who can you trust? The TRUTH of them working with or for the Sathar is enough to make you want to take up hydroponic gardening. That is if you can find a kit not made by Synco. Now you ask, what is this TRUTH? Well we have not yet learned that but we have some theories:

1)      The Sathar need Frontier beings as not a food source but some special chemical/vitamin/vaccine source. Synco is making sure the beings of the Frontier are prepped to provide it by lacing the food with special substances.

2)      The average weight of Frontier beings has increased by 15 kg over the last 10 years. Whether this fattening up is for food for the Sathar or just to make us easier to conquer is debatable.

3)      Saying they are adding special chemicals to the food to make us more compliant or just more susceptible to Sathar engineered viruses seems too easy but sometimes easy is what works.

Tachton Instruments


Margaret Bouvia is a war hero who just happened to start a Megacorp, a living example of the Frontier Dream. Except she started a high tech company on one of the most backward worlds in the Frontier and then there is the one month period during the war where she went missing. The TRUTH of her really being a Sathar-backed agent and building an army of robots to use against the Frontier makes a lot more sense than the presented history. Now you ask, what is this TRUTH? Well we have not yet learned that yet but we have some theories:

1)      The robot revolution idea is too simple for the Sathar. The robot spy program is more their style.

2)      The Sathar have failed twice to take the Frontier. But they come back stronger. The production robots which seem to go missing from Tach are being sent to the Sathar to help build them up for their next bigger invasion attempt.

3)      Taking over the entire Frontier with robots is hard to imagine. Taking over the low population world of Lossend and using it as a staging area for the next invasion is easy to imagine.

Universal Households

The most innocent of Megacorps because they just don’t make anything really offensive or defensive. They only make the products everyone needs to live the comfortable life. This is exactly why they are the perfect cover for the Sathar. No one ever thinks twice about their oven or copier or light fixtures but if those things could be turned against us my fellow Believers we would not know how to respond. Now you ask, what is this TRUTH about your toaster? Well we have not yet learned that but we have some theories:

1)      The Sathar have a plot in effect to throw us back to the Stone Age and once there we will be easy pickings. They will do this by a massive EMP pulse delivered through a mass of conjoined consumer products.

2)      The Sathar are masters of robotics. Many of the devices they have Universal make are actually killer robot assassins waiting for the order to begin the uprising.

3)      Universal is actually our greatest defense against the Sathar. Unfortunately they are going to do this by using the mind control devices implanted in their products to turn us all into super soldiers.

Nesmith Enterprises of Triad

We weekly hear the stories of how NES has stopped another group of hackers from infiltrating this system or stopped this plot from happening by their wonderful computer abilities. We should most definitely not be celebrating these crushing defeats to finding the TRUTH. Now you ask, what is this TRUTH? Well we have not yet learned that but we have some theories:

1)      The Sathar are actually in charge of NES. This is why you never see the beings in their corporate offices. The Sathar are learning all kinds of information from the reams of data streams they collect.

2)      NES does not know the TRUTH and they do not care. They are in the business of hiding the TRUTH for others and do not care to learn it themselves. These traitors to the TRUTH and Frontier are giving us up and are ready to retreat to luxury safe planets they had deleted from all navigation star charts.

3)      The Sathar are working hand in hand with NES on a project that is so far above everyone else that both groups are using wars to distract others from finding it. Possibly this involves the greater threat than the Sathar which exists and is too scary for the Frontier to learn.

StarPlay Enterprises

They bring joy and sports to all our lives through the various media organizations they own. They also bring the Sathar to us. The Players could possibly be in more households than Universal Households. What they present on our screens has started cultural fads and started more than one riot. The TRUTH is they could turn that power of communications into a real advantage for their Sathar masters. Now you ask, what is this TRUTH? Well we have not yet learned that but we have some theories:

1)      The Sathar have control of the fun time substances of most of the Frontier. What those substances are really doing to our minds and bodies is to horrifying to contemplate.

2)      The Sathar are slowly being presented in the media controlled by the Players as not so threatening and as a misunderstood race by the UPF. Many programs now show the UPF as the real enemy to the kindly and helpful Sathar who we would be better to make friends with.

3)      The Sathar are demoralizing the Frontier by weakening our sports teams and heroes. This is the only explanation for the 109 Yazirian All Star Game.

Association of Intergalactic Power Suppliers

Everyone knows the Power story; how all the little guys banded together to stop themselves from being enslaved by PGC. But was this the whole TRUTH my fellow Believers? You know it is not. Now you ask, what is this TRUTH? Well we have not yet learned that yet but we have some theories:

1)      The takeover threat was a Sathar ploy to gain control of our power grid. Now they coordinate blackouts to allow their agents to come and go with no fear of detection.

2)      The Sathar use the power grid to gain access to places others can't go. Like military installations, government buildings, and other Megacorps facilities.

3)      The Sathar are using the search for raw materials as a cover to look for the artifacts they or the other threat lost centuries ago and which are somewhere in the Frontier.

Galactic Overall Development Company

One of our favorites, GODCo is so extensive and so fantastic that they must be behind many of the TRUTHs we seek to find. Now in this case we do not feel that the Sathar have control of GODCo. The Family of One would never allow someone else to control them. They do however have no compunction against working with the greatest threat to the TRUTH there is. Ever notice how their world has never been in a Sathar attack path. Now you ask, what is this TRUTH? Well we have not yet learned that yet but we have some theories:

1)      GODCo built the Sathar a planet or possibly several planets for their own use. After all that is what they do. This trade off allows them to make certain demands on the Sathar. Like which planets to destroy to aid GODCo’s plans of conquest.

2)      The Sathar use bioengineered creatures in their attacks. This technology is of great interest to GODCo who trade for it with the Sathar. Remember the next time you kill a Sathar bioconstruct to look for the Made by GODCo label.

3)      The Family of One has never reported a Sathar spy attack. Not because they are so secretive but because they share with the Sathar. The Sathar also do some spying at the request of GODCo. This trade off means Sathar can be found hoping rides on GODCo ships or hiding in their facilities.

4)      [Editor addition, I’m surprised Phillip didn’t include this one himself] – The Yazirians that run GODCo came from outside the Frontier initially where they had set up shop before migrating.  The Sathar themselves are actually a construct of GODCo and controlled by them having been created and started on their way before the Yazirians migrated into the Frontier.

WarTech Incorporated and Eversafe Enterprises

Actually these two seem to be safe from the Sathar. This only means we have yet to uncover the TRUTH behind these two Megacorps. Stand by as we here continue the search for the TRUTH.

The next code word is Vistaisgreat.