Action Result Index

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  1. Nothing found
  2. Savage Monkey’s and the player character’s space suits found. Strapped on the leg of Savage Monkey’s space suit is a knife and sheath.
  3. You send out a mayday call but there is no answer. Note how many turns you spend sending a mayday.
  4. Cutting a hole in the hull with hand weapons requires doing 200+2d100 structural points of damage.  Weapons used to cut a hole must be consulted for rate of fire and ammo available to determine the turns involved. The player will have to track the number of turns to accomplish this action.  See the Structural Damage Table for the damage caused by each weapon.
  5. You find a trashy novel, a 50 Cr voucher chit, and 1 power clip with 20 SEUs.
  6. You find 100 ration pack and 6 kitchen knives. The kitchen knives are not that useful for fighting: melee modifier is +0.
  7. You find a star ship engineer’s tool kit (see the Knight Hawks rule book).
  8. You find a file computer with notes on defeating the security at Dralasite Saving & Loan’s central headquarters as well as a contact name, “Fresno”, to deliver the vault schematics to on Minotaur.
  9. You open the arms locker to discover 2 sonic stunners, 2 stun sticks, 2 needler pistols, 2 dose grenades, 4 gas masks, 4 smoke grenades, 5 power clips, 4 needler pistol ammo clips, and 1 power beltpack.
  10. You locate a wall safe behind a picture by cutting away the picture (the frame is tightly mounted to the wall for 0 g. Open the safe for a technician’s skill check vs a level 5 lock or  do 100+d100 structural points worth of damage. See the Structural Damage Table for the damage caused by each weapon.
  11. If before the 8th turn of flooding on this deck there is still power to open the door. It retracts in one turn and water rushes in. The compartment is flooded in one turn, the lights short out but you are pinned against the ceiling or wall. You try to hold your breath but it doesn’t matter as the whole ship floods in seconds instead of minutes and the ship goes down with all aboard. Congratulations you’ve prevented the sale of the sensitive data and Star Law extends its condolences to your family.
  12. You locate the wall panel that covers the back-up battery. It may be cut away in 1 turn with tools from a tech kit, robocom kit, or starship engineer’s tool kit. Otherwise, shoot the four bolts with a non needler or stun weapon. The number of turns to do that depends on the rate of fire of the weapon at  1 shot per bolt. 1 turn to jack a laser into the parabattery.  The battery has 5d100-20 SEU.
  13. You search the engineering deck. In a closet near his station you find Trip’s space suit, a flashlight and a computer storage disk. To read the disk, unlock a computer station (map items D on deck 5, C on deck 2, or C on Deck 1) then see #18.
  14. Roll on the Computer Data Search Table. Extra rolls can be made at the rate of 1 per turn.
  15. Lady Cassen tells you that you need to cut a hole in the hull and when you both get a credit terminal she’d withdraw a credit voucher for 100,000 Cr. When your weapon is drained from cutting the hull she jumps you and initiates hand to hand combat.
  16. You find a bottle of yazirian brandy, incense, pry bar (treat as a night stick at 2 kg wt.), and two blank computer storage disks.
  17. You find plasti-paper map of the capitol city of Minotaur with coded notations that you cannot make out at this time.
  18. You discover that the astrogator, Trip, has been making notes on this disk for plotting a course to Theseus system.
  19. You find a collection of 25 rare and beautiful art statues that you believe might be stolen. Each weighs 1 kg.
  20. The Lady Cassen offers to give you the stolen data if you do not kill her. You disarm her and she carefully pulls out her ID card and inserts it into a slot then enters a code with her left hand. Make an INT check to realize that she’s hiding what she’s doing with her right hand. The code she entered releases a secret compartment under the computer consol. If you fail the INT check you are surprised and she spins with an auto pistol on burst fire (Note: she lacks skill with this weapon thus -20 but +20 for burst fire) otherwise combat continues as normal. The secret compartment held not only the auto pistol but a disk with data.
  21. Because of your police training you are not surprised by Old Bill Yeager who is waiting to shoot you from inside the captain’s quarters. Roll for initiative.
  22. You may search for the secret compartment on deck 1 in 1 turn if you have Lady Cassen’s ID, shoot it open by doing 25 structural points of damage with non-stun or needler weapons, or spend 5 turns prying it open.